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  1. toolie

    79 cent clutch fix

    Works for me too, but I think this is more of an issue with wr's
  2. I'd have to strongly agree with Whiteman, if you ride enduros in Ontario/Quebec S12 are what you'll find on the majority of machines.
  3. toolie

    U.S. WR250F vs. Canadian WR250

    That and the jetting is very different. I'm not sure about the CDI numbers but the exhust baffle IS removable. My 98 wr400 baffle was not removable In about a year from now I should be move to SC so maybe you could just try it your self.
  4. toolie

    What's up with JSR!?!

    Don't you mean "our flag colour "
  5. toolie

    what is the best pipe?

    If you have the money and what the best http://www.akrapovic-ai.si/main/productnews/product-news.htm make wicked systems. $$$$$$$$ big bucks though I'm happy with the yz silencer on my wr.
  6. toolie

    Oh the horros! (siezed bike)

    250Thumpher Just a thought, but since you said this happened after you had the frame powder coated maybe there was some sand/grit in the oil tank part of the frame? That would explain the dirty oil. How clean was it when you reassembled it...even though they masked it off doesn't mean any sand/grit found it's way inside. Bill
  7. toolie

    Looking for riders in Ontario (Barrie area)

    I'm 25min west of Barrie and do a lot of trail riding in the Simcoe County Forest. Actually I was planning on going for a short ride on saturday, let me know? Also buggered up my knee and wear a brace.
  8. toolie

    Any Toronto (GTA) Riders around?

    How's about an hour from the GTA? Trails big time! ..... although I'm starting to get into tracks
  9. toolie

    Looking for riding info in NC, SC

    Sorry to bud-in I'm heading down to my brother near Greenville and hope to go for a ride at Enoree(I think) on the 16th. Alway looking for people to ride with, stop by and say hello. I'll be on an 04 wr250f and my brother will be on a classic 86 tt350.
  10. toolie

    fork seal replacement?

    So fork oil it is........thanks e. myers Where abouts in SC are you? I'm heading down to my brothers not far from Greenville, hope to checkout the GNCC race in Union SC on the Sunday. Any good riding areas around there? seems the only riding my bro does is when I'm down
  11. Just a quick question about replacing fork seals. Should I put on some kind of grease on the tube side of the seal or should I just lube it with fork oil?
  12. So I'm learning how to rebuild/re-valve a shock on my 90 yz250wr and have a few questions about nitrogen pressure. I have access to nitrogen at work so that's not a problem, also made-up a fitting. 1-Should I stick to yamahas spec of 128psi? 2-What type of results would I expect if I increased the pressure? 3-Why nitrogen and not air? my guess is nitro is more stable temp wise yes/no? TIA
  13. TiN(titanium nitride) is an extremely hard thin film coating using the PVD(physical vapor deposition) process, hardness-as hard as carbide(that's why you get the gold colour) and excellent lubricity. If anyone thinks that appling some "snake oil" on your forks will get you the same results then........... I'm in the process of building-up a yzf750 and plan on TiN coating the tubes. Fighting friction on road race bikes is more important than a dirt bike. These coatings were meant more for short travel suspension. When your leaned over scraping your knee at +100mph in a turn you want to make sure your wheel is following all the imperfection of the track. That doesn't mean dirt bikes should not be coated, I'd like to do my wr250f also. Understand that the forks are already a hard face chrome and the TiN is applied over the chrome. This process WILL NOT repair any nicks or scratches in the tubes. I'm a tool and die maker by trade(toolie) and most of the dies coming from Japan have punches that are TiN coated. The cost of coating 1 punch ie 10mm x 30mm is $10 CAN. If you get yours done cut out the middle man.........this is the cheapest I've found on the net that looks like they know what there doing http://www.racinglinks.co.nz/titanium%20nitride.html
  14. toolie

    WTD: Shim Stack rec for 03 YZ250F

    PT564 Nice work! Keep working at it looks like your on the right track. Have you heard of these guys http://www.suspensionnetwork.com/ you can post shim stack and compare. They have also excellent tutorial on how suspension works. Since you don't mind sharing, how do you fill the shock with oil without getting air in the fluid?