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  1. drtbkjoe

    Tusk Shift lever becomes loose

    Yz, to me the splines on the lever don't good, and the amount of play in the lever is bad. Back in the day I had a bike that the shifter always loosened up, to where tightening it became a normal pre-ride check. There are a couple if things you can try, when the bike is clean... Step 1) If you look at the video , it looks like the 2 sides of the pinch slit are touching when tightened down. If that is the case you can't get it tight enough.That may be a design fault of the lever unless your shift shaft is worn.. So, with the lever off the bike ,take a dremel tool and widen the slit just enough so that the 2 sides don't touch when tightened. Try that first. Step 2) Then, you can use a longer, hardened bolt that you can put a good lock bolt on. That will allow you more torque on the bolt. You can try Steps 1 and 2, but... Step 3) If it were me I'd replace with OEM, and before you ride check Steps 1 and 2. Your shift shaft may be worn enough to allow lever slop. Update: I just went back in the thread and found the picture of your shift shaft. That's pretty fried.. THe good news is I just looked at EBay, and there are several shift saft assemblies for less then $20, if money is a factor
  2. drtbkjoe

    Earthquake July 4th 2019

    First time I rode in an earthquake
  3. drtbkjoe

    Well sh## my oil bolt is siezed and rounded

    Try grabbing it tightly with Vicegrips and tap Visegrip handle with a hammer. A “poor man’s torque wrench”
  4. drtbkjoe

    My bike almost killed me. HELP.

    Another thing you might consider is what used to happen on a bike I had. When I suddenly snapped the throttle wide open, like the start of a race, or like what you did, the bike would stick at full throttle. The problem turned out to be with the cable went into the carb. Snapping the throttle on made the cable seat to the carb jump just enough to stick wide open. Once I safety wired the cable seat to the top of the carb, I never had the problem again
  5. drtbkjoe

    Sx 250f or 350?

    350. I’ve raced a 250f for a lot of years. 350 is as fun to ride and has more power
  6. Love my ‘16 350 SX, and I’m heavier then you
  7. I had the same problem . Check the wire connector behind the number plate
  8. drtbkjoe

    2 stroke vs 4 stroke

    Back when I lived in Fl the 300 felt like cheating in the woods. Out here in Nv I love my 350
  9. drtbkjoe

    Best trails in Gorman/ Hungry Valley?

    Recommend weekdays
  10. drtbkjoe

    09 250r seat not flush

  11. drtbkjoe

    09 250r seat not flush

    Now we’re onto something. FYI, I have “dremmeled” the occasional seat base to get things to fit, assuming the support you describe is on the seat base.
  12. drtbkjoe

    09 250r seat not flush

    D, that is an improvement, at least. One thing though , my ‘05 seat did not have the upward bend halfway from where the grab handle was to the end. Btw, what the end of the seat looks like is what mine looked like. There was a little gap.
  13. drtbkjoe

    09 250r seat not flush

    Ok, D. You wrote in your earlier post that “the brackets seem to be holding the seat up”. If you take the brackets off the seat , does it sit flush? I look at your bike and I’m wondering if it was used for Freestyle? Could something on the seat or maybe the subframe have been modified to accommodate a grab handle, because it looks to me like something in the area of the grab handle is holding the seat up If no, take the seat off and try to flex the back down. Could the seat base be bent?
  14. drtbkjoe

    Used 2016 Honda CRF250X

    One tip- if you get it, put a coolant recovery bottle on it
  15. drtbkjoe

    09 250r seat not flush

    Have you tried removing the grab handle?