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  1. Motoman_AZ

    Dirt Bikes, Wildlife - nature at it's best - 6/4/2011

    Wow you guys had it all!!! RIGHT ON!!!! Thank you for post'n up! More pictures anywhere?
  2. Motoman_AZ


    Wow!!! I want to come and play!!!!
  3. Love it....keep em coming!!!
  4. Motoman_AZ

    A Dam Tough Trail

    Wow that looked like fun!!!! Love to see the other side of the planet having painful fun too!!!
  5. Motoman_AZ

    Quicky GoPro Hawaii Trail...

    Really Really enjoyed the video! Loved the music too! Nice and laid back! Brilliant applause at the end! I know I was applauding at my desk! Love the diversity in such a short time! Pine, cinders, single track, ocean, brush over your head! Wow! And super surprised how stable the gopro is on your camelback strap! Kudos amigo!
  6. Motoman_AZ

    Injury pics

    I little barbed wire incident
  7. Motoman_AZ

    who has the best jump photo??

    Carpet jumps out at Crozer... (now closed ) on my YZ426 Cottonwood AZ (straight up lip practice) Pismo Beach (yea my only move! HAHA) Now on my CRF450x Glamis Sand Dunes
  8. Motoman_AZ

    AMAZING Whips by todd potter

    It just defies physics! Awesome!
  9. Motoman_AZ

    Something Nasty --- Video

    Wow....rocky, narrow and beautiful forest!!! Loved it!
  10. Redrider611 love what you are doing for the community and love the quality of your work! I am subscribed!
  11. Motoman_AZ

    Nasty Sand Whoops Crash....

    +1 The human body is amazing it can take that kind of abuse!
  12. Thinking about doing my bachelor party on 5 Miles of Hell...... figure I might as well know what hell is like.....!!!!
  13. Motoman_AZ

    A1 carbon fiber wheel

    Ah here it is............ me likey!!!