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  1. Time Left: 17 days and 11 hours

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    Pod K300 Knee Braces, very lightly used. I am 5'7 165lb. and they fit me perfectly. Size Medium. Free shipping in the lower 48 states.


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  2. Dr GoFast

    cleaning carbon deposits

    Grill/oven cleaner works well too
  3. Dr GoFast

    premix gas

    If I'm not mistaken, premix lasts longer than straight gas because there are stabilizers in the premix oil
  4. Try reducing the amount of play in the clutch and raising the idle a bit.
  5. Dr GoFast

    gas/oil ratios.

  6. Dr GoFast

    01 kx250 front brakes are terrible

    I had this problem on my '99 kx250. I solved it with 2005 crf450 master, motul 5.1 fluid, galfer steel line, and top of the line ebc pads. The brakes are much better after these changes.
  7. Yes this happens in my bike too. I consider it normal as I've put hundreds of hours with no related issues
  8. Sometimes my kickstarter kicks back violently. The timing is spot on, very recently rebuilt engine (top and bottom) and runs great except for the kick back. Any ideas? I do give it a little throttle when hot starting but not when choked.
  9. Dr GoFast

    1999 kx250 idle gear spacer?

    The kickstart shaft busted again!! 3rd time in a row, so pissed!! Can someone please confirm that the 1999 kx250 idle gear has no spacer? Just a circlip behind it and a circlip in front of it, holding it on? Is it supposed to be super loose and wobbly on the shaft? I did a search and found two people with the same issue, but they had problems with their timing/woodruff key. I checked all that and it was fine, so that is NOT the problem here. I can bump start the bike and it runs beautifully, but something is amiss with the kickstart mechanism and i can't figure it out.
  10. Dr GoFast

    1999 kx250 idle gear spacer?

    yes wobbly. i tried replacing it with a better idler gear, plus the new circlips. we'll see how that goes. i kicked it over fine on the test run but it still felt a bit funky. it happens randomly that it catches so i'll just pray it doesn't happen again, for now... i didn't put any kind of spacer or anything, just new circlips, i read in another thread that it's supposed to be a little loose. we'll see..
  11. Dr GoFast

    1999 kx250 idle gear spacer?

    ^ yes, spins freely. i think TOO freely!! maybe that is the problem?
  12. Hello, I've been battling a very strange issue recently. i've broken 2 kickstart shafts in a row and it's starting to get expensive! when i tore into it, i noticed that the idle gear was loose, so i replaced the circlips that are in front and in back of it. however, it is still loose. I notice there is a space behind it. It seems like a spacer would make sense, however I don't have a spacer and i can't find one in the parts diagram. does anyone know if there is supposed to be a spacer behind the idle gear? I believe the loose idle gear is binding and causing the shafts to snap. i am asking if there is a spacer that butts up against this bearing, behind the idle gear:
  13. Dr GoFast

    Lighter Clutch Pull

    had the same problem with my '99. got an ASV lever/perch setup and now my clutch is like butter.
  14. Dr GoFast

    My 2001 KX 250 build

    where did you get your chain guard?