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  1. never59

    area 53

    It's a great track and definitely not setup for beginners. I rode out there a few times last summer. Barely any tabletops, unless they are step on step offs, true doubles and long whoop sections. Unless things have changed you can not just drive up to the house and ask to ride. The track is in his backyard at his residence. Unless you get invited or know somebody i doubt you will be riding there.
  2. never59

    Joe Gibbs Racing Bikes

    +1 on that!! I am amazed that anyone is willing to sign josh hansen
  3. never59


    I know you are just the messenger and i don't mean to give you a hard time but watkins continues to get worse and worse. I commend them that they are willing to listen to riders input but they really need to get some one in charge who knows what they are doing. Hopefully with SRAC racing there we are taking a step in the right direction. There are many other places to ride other than watkins and i have decided to spend the gas money and ride elsewhere. I hope that can change in the near future.
  4. never59


    I am hoping you know something that the rest of us don't? They really need to make a kwad track and keep them off the pro track. I know they have every right to be there as we do but all it takes is one kwad to destroy a perfectly groomed and rutted track. Especially in the summer months, the water does not even have a chance to soak in before a kwad gets out there and flat tracks every corner and all the good dirt and moisture is gone and it's back to concrete watkins.
  5. never59

    Best Motocross boots?

    Sidis all the way!!! I had tech 8's and they broke in to the point of tennis shoes in less than a year:thumbsdn:
  6. never59

    Great VDR conditions

    I was snowboarding at monarch last year and there is a memorial for someone who passed with a steve mcqueen quote on it. I took a picture of it but can not find it now. "I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth." Steve McQueen
  7. never59

    Should i do it?

    Your concerns to get rid of the 250f because of valves does not make sense, if you check them and keep them in spec you will be fine. But after reading you only change your oil twice a year on your 4 stroke???????? i would be selling that ticking time bomb for sure!! The yamaha uses your motor oil for both the motor and the tranny and breaks down very quickly. I am not saying your bike will blow up after one year or two from changing the oil twice a year but i guarantee that its really bad for the bike. Next time you change your oil take a look at it and see how milky it compares to fresh oil, the difference can be quite frightening
  8. never59


    I hope you have at least learned a lesson from this thread so far.......don't buy used bikes unless you know how the bike has been treated. Changing the oil a few times a year is just a bad idea, especially the bikes that use oil for the motor and the transmission. Sure it might not be a issue right away but it will come back to haunt you or the next guy who buys the bike. I have had 3 yzf's and all i ever did was change the oil, oil filter and air filter. Oil every 3 rides, probably more than i need to but since i am using shell rotella, its so darn cheap to change oil now that the 450 only takes a quart of oil. If i was buying $10-$16 quart oil, that might be another story.Save yourself some money and get the scotts stainless steel oil filter, i have used the same one on3 bikes now!! Initially very expensive, 4 years down the road...dirt cheap. Air filter gets changed every ride or every other ride, depending how dusty it is. Some people will say i am changing fluids way too often, which might be the fact but i have the peace of mind that my bike has been well taken care of and i have never had a 4 stroke motor give me any problems. 4 strokes can be less maintenance than a two stroke IMO but if you don't take care of your 4 stroke and it blows up it's gonna be way more expensive than the two stroke
  9. never59

    VDR HS Race 11/18

    I heard this popping bike behind me on the last lap and as soon as you got around me (which did not take long)i knew it would not be for long. Not more than 5 seconds later i saw your bike died. It died at the beginning of that long straight away that took a sharp left hander at the end into the sand?
  10. never59

    VDR HS Race 11/18

    All the races this year got dusty pretty quick but i think that had to do with the warm weather that we have been having. I bet once the temps are down in the 40's for the race the track will hold the moisture longer. I guess you can't have it all
  11. never59

    VDR HS Race #2 Roll Call

    Snowing in denver as well. Is pete hoping there is a warm front rolling in within the next 15 minutes or are they gonna cancel this damn race?
  12. never59

    VDR HS Race #2 Roll Call

    If the weather guys are right for once it's looking like a cold mudfest:applause:
  13. never59

    VDR Hare Scramble 9-23-07 Round 1

    I think we should give out a sandbag award each race too. I will bring some tube sand and spray paint them gold and we can hand them out. The kid who won sportsman should definitely get it. I raced in that class and i am pretty sure he lapped the entire class? The funny part is that he will be racing sportsman all year long. Big fish in a little pond i guess.
  14. never59

    Second Petcock

    So do you want to have two of them on one tank? I don't get it? Really doubt there is a generic one seeing an oem is under $30
  15. The KX bend is really tall too or if you want to look like some freestyle guy the pastrana is ridiculously tall but i would not recommend it but....to each his own