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  1. Euro Enduro

    Who lives/rides in Ontario?

    I've always known Bondi to do top notch work. I had a KX125 replated and rebuilt by them and it was very very well done. I'd recommend them to anyone
  2. Euro Enduro

    Are sx 85 and sx105 the same?

    Same everything except cylinder and top end components, and sometimes wheels as well. I say sometimes because people often keep the 17/14s... Not sure why
  3. Euro Enduro

    Canadian Riders - comment if you are canadian

    Hamilton here, Ottawa during school
  4. Euro Enduro

    where can i ride offroad in southern ontario

    There's a lot of places, especially the farther north you go. I can't tell you specific places except for Ganaraska, and other legal areas. If you look, or ask around you'll find places. Many people don't want to post places online because other people will come and ruin them. Good luck with your search. On a side note, a KLR650 is a little big to ride on tighter trails
  5. Euro Enduro

    Use of front brake guard!

    Never ran one, never had a problem. I've had some pretty nasty spills, ridden on some nasty rocks, and still nothing. But to each their own
  6. Euro Enduro

    JD jet kit or Lectron ?

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the SmartCarb. A couple years back when it was coming out there were a lot of big SmartCarb vs. Lectron debates. The one I remember best was on CafeHusky (back when I had a Husky), where a user was testing both of them. This was a couple years back, but if my memory serves right, the SmartCarb ended up coming out on top, but due to price, a lot of people preferred the Lectron. Just another thing to think about when considering carbs.
  7. A magnetic drain plug saved my transmission. PO of my 200 had stripped the right side oil plug (common problem) and heli coiled the threads. Somehow, a half round piece of the helicoil snapped off and traveled through my trans, to the left side drain plug, and because of the magnet, it stopped there. If it didn't stop there, it definitely would've lodged in some gears and that would NOT be pretty. Here's the piece:
  8. Euro Enduro

    Making a dirt bike 100% street legal.

    If it's already blue plated you just need all the necessary DOT equipment and a safety, plate, insurance, and sticker, and you're good to go!
  9. Euro Enduro

    Anyone else stand when they hill climb?

    I try to stand usually because I find it's easier to make quick reactions that way. Front wheel coming up? Lean forward. Lack of traction? Lean back, or pull up on the bars and lever the back wheel to the ground. BUT, some hills you just need to sit... Depends on the hill really IMO
  10. Euro Enduro

    KTM plastics change

    I believe people have done it to upgrade to the 04 styling, and it works pretty good to an extent.. Try searching it up, and see what pops up
  11. Euro Enduro

    The Power of KTM Dirtbikes

    "To jest moc" -This is power Should be KTMs new slogan
  12. Euro Enduro

    Dirtbike burnout...

    Age doesn't always make you grown up..... clearly
  13. Euro Enduro

    RAGLAN Pits 2015

    Looks sweet! Where is this? I'm in Hamilton, and would love to shred some new terrain!
  14. Euro Enduro

    honda or bust?

    It sounds like you're pretty young, and just want the most powerful bike you can buy. I've seen it a lot (experienced it myself), but you actually probably don't need a 450 4t. Especially by looking at your size/weight, a 125 2t or 250f will be plenty strong, and will teach you better riding technique. Not to knock on big bore riders, but sometimes the extra power makes up for laziness/lack of skill on the riders part. Just my opinion.
  15. Euro Enduro

    are XR's to old?

    XRs are great bikes for trails. They are exactly what trail bikes should be, simple, bullet proof, big tanks, and lights. We bought one for my dad a couple years ago, for $1200, it needed bearings front and back, but it ran great. On another note, my cousin had a 2007 CRF250X, and it was problems, problems, and more problems. Could've been a fluke, but it was having problems with everything. It was a good bit stronger, obviously, and liquid cooled. Do you need the extra power, and liquid cooling? If so, get the CRF, of not, stick with ol' reliable and get an XR