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  1. Try wraping muffler core with aluminun window screen. I find about six times around. Then wrap with fiberglass. Make sure the screen isn't tightly wraped you want it to unwravel a little bit. This trick will quiet your bike down allot and it sounds realy cool. Best of all you can quiet bike down for almost no money.
  2. Racerboi023

    What year is this bike?

    I wouldn't touch that bike. It says alot about the lack of maintanace that the radiator wasn't replaced.
  3. Racerboi023

    What year is this bike?

    http://www.bikepics.com/yamaha/yz125/ check this out looks like different tank and plastic on 03 up
  4. Racerboi023

    YZ450f ***? pleasehelp

    Did you see the engine disasembled? Piston condition and the cylinder bore? When head gaskets leak water into the cylinder it coats everything with a gummy carbon/antifreeze spooge. Your gummy cylinder may never develop a good ring seal. If you get alot of water in the chamber you can easly crack a piston, usualy in the thin section between the pin and bottom ring-land. Keep a close eye on your water level and pull your plug and look for moisture from steam in your chamber on your sparkplug after it cools. This can get ugly when at high RPM your piston goes to pieces and takes other parts with it.
  5. Racerboi023

    Yellow plastic for 02 426?

    I looked on the slyfoxmx site and it looks like 2000-2002 Yz426 and Yz250f are the same parts. I think yellow is 2006 50th Anniversary stuff hope this helps.
  6. Racerboi023

    ok waht should i get now?

    Man a YZ250 would be great with a headlight. If you can get a stator with the lighting circuit. KTM 300 is a great bike with the start button and a kickstand. The KTM won't overheat like a 450 waiting on your friends to get it together:thumbsup:
  7. Racerboi023

    Thinking of getting rid of my XRL ...

    The Polaris Razor comes in Pink
  8. Racerboi023

    Got a quad!

    Becarefull about spinning the front tires. If you have oversize mud tires the tread will catch traction on something (root,rocks)and break a front axel. I have seen it firsthand on that machine, It was only 3 months old and self-destructing. Pretty sure there are aftermarket axels available that will cure this if chit happens to you.
  9. Racerboi023

    Spark plug gap?

    basicly old wornout low-compression engines need more spark to light thier fire. High compression engines have a hotter more violent charge in thier combustion chamber that will not require as much spark to get things going. hot spots in chamber can cause pistons to fail from preignition. Listen to your old man, Your two stroke is a leaf blower compaired to the complexity of a camed 4 stroke.
  10. Racerboi023

    Anyone with Blue on thier KX?

    Man, I think Blue plastic covered with Green graphics would get alot of notice. I,ve noticed alot of blue on Kamasaki gear like jersies and pants. I would like to see a red and white Yamaha
  11. Racerboi023

    Won't kick over or push start? Please help!

    You towed it with the truck with the valves hitting the pistons? This is not good you may have just bent the valves. somthings got to give when the crank turns. Look for someone close that can replace your valves in your cylinderhead and get your engine straitened out. Look on local racing series web-sites, look thru the sponsers. These shops will treat you good. Sounds like your carbeurator has cloged jets, if it ran before its prob jetted correctly just needs help. A valve only needs to bend a very small amount to leak combustion back toward your airfilter that might get ugly.
  12. Racerboi023

    Graduation Present- 2011 250f's

    Get the Yamaha. Yamaha makes the best engines period! The YZ250 is the one to get, in the woods or on the track it will smoke any 250f.
  13. Racerboi023

    Another oil poll?!?!

    Man two strokes and four strokes are so different your oiling gears in a two stroke and on a four stroke your oiling a engine. Go heavy on those gears but on a four you have a oil pump and you need the oil to move. If two heavy it will bypass the filter on fours. Pistons, rings and crank bearings are oiled by your premix on twos. I like 15/40 in my YZ450 and I change it after every race.
  14. Racerboi023

    klx 140l broke my leg

    I put a tether killswitch on everthing for this very reason it may seem odd on a bike but it wont let you down when crazy things happen.
  15. I change the oil in my racer after every race. My bike only holds a little over 1 quart, so we are talking about $10 and then it sits in the garage for a week or so before I try to kill it again.