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  1. just rode a cr500 a few days ago, they really are so smooth they dont feel much faster than my cr250 but i know my 250 could never lift the front tire in 4th gear
  2. i just started to ride at the local ohv area and i have always been really nervous about head ons, almost to the point where i havent been having as much fun there because i have to go slow so often and i worry too much about it. I usually just stick to tracks and trails around my house.
  3. 01cr80

    gearing up for woods 13-14t front sprocket

    12-53 is f'ing ridiculous, but, i have never tried it so it might not be horrible
  4. 01cr80

    Omaha Riders!

    anybody else go out to WS today?
  5. i think you would probably be better off buying broken bikes and fixing them up
  6. 01cr80

    Michelin M12 rear?

    ok ill try that, ive been running 12psi
  7. 01cr80

    gearing up for woods 13-14t front sprocket

    you could try a 14t if you want to, they're cheap, but i didnt like it at all, its a lot more work in the tight stuff
  8. 01cr80

    gearing up for woods 13-14t front sprocket

    i had 13-50 then went to 14-50 and it sucked, way way too much clutch work needed and too hard to start off it tight spaces, maybe go to a 49 rear if you want a little more speed but its still a close ratio motocross transmission
  9. 01cr80

    Omaha Riders!

    i was thinking you had to go the court house for the first time, then you could go to walmart for renewals, but you can go there for the first one?
  10. 01cr80

    Omaha Riders!

    i have been searching but havent got a good answer yet, but do you need a title to get a sticker to ride at an ohv park? im going down the court house sometime to register but i wasnt sure what i would need
  11. 01cr80

    Engine Noise? 2001 Honda CR125R (video)

    sounds just like my 250, its piston slap, my 250 has a wiseco piston in it and they are noisy. The reason i dont think its the pv is because our cr80 makes the same noise but much quieter and it has no pv. I just live with it, its made the noise since the day i put the wiseco in there.
  12. 01cr80

    cr 250 still not running %100

    try a new plug first, and whats the old one look like?
  13. 01cr80

    Michelin M12 rear?

    just thought i'd update, its wearing decent i guess, a little faster than the s12, but the thing is very slippery feeling on most surfaces, its ok, but i wouldnt buy another, my s12 was better as far as traction
  14. 01cr80

    pinging at 1/4 throttle roll on

    thats what i just did, half 110 octaine sunoco and half 91 pump gas, no pinging yet!!
  15. 01cr80

    pinging at 1/4 throttle roll on

    tried that and it still runs like crap...i rode it yesterday for a while and there was no pinging so i might just leave it alone for a while