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  1. Hi there! Shoutout from Sweden here. Im looking for a new bike and need some advice. I was riding MX a few years back (before kids and all that) and this year i decided to get some excersice and bought a Ktm Freeride-E. Yes the electric one, its acuallt perfect for me to get out on the evnings when the kids are asleep and do a few laps in the woods close by. The neigbors dont mind since its quiet and i get the excersice and bike time, low maintinence just charge and clean. But the draw back is of caurse when the weekend comes and the buddies wants to go out a whole day riding. Then i have to stay at home... So now im looking for a second bike. Since im living in Sweden the conditions are closer to your north area but small patches of forest own privatly. Most of the trails i ride is skidder tracks and really tight terrain in the forest, slippery ground. No sand or open leaf forest. like the picture attached. What bike do you think suits best for this? When i rode mx i had a Honda 250-crf and long time since i had a 2-stroke. But now im looking in to either a 250exc or a 300exc or a 250 fourstroke. Thinking about waiting for the new injektion two-strokes from KTM as i was as litte maintinence as possible (carbs,jets and needels) I want maximum traction and control. No need for high speed tracks bikes. Cheers!