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    Obviously motocross, instruction of younger riders, do some trackside support services
  1. noefearracing

    Last night I rode the Eastbay Motocross open practice

    Manager Mike Crippen wrote a "slam" article on Eastbay's marketing: www.noefearracing.com Home Page;Feature Story
  2. noefearracing

    Last night I rode the Eastbay Motocross open practice

    I see your point. Maybe we'll wake up to a "blimp" advertising Eastbay. I guess Eastbay did do more marketing than I've ever seen a track do. I'm not sure that's bad...maybe Eastbay will run more like a business should be which will mean a better track-something that their consumers want. Motocross tracks are a business. Hopefully, whoever does their aggressive marketing will also be aggressive at maintaining their motto: "built by riders-for riders". I've never posted on the rates and fees because I don't handle that when I ride. Thats handled for me. But I understand the importance of being cheap enough for most people to ride. I've already apologized for being a new poster to TT. But I've earned the right to do so...LLs, Nats, Gold Cup, WAs, WOs, FTR, 9 broken bones, plates, screws, etc. You all have great things to say. I've only said...Its a great track to ride. And, I hope Eastbay does whatever they have to do to stay open and give me another place to ride...be it marketing...be it a little more to get in...just stay open...please...no more Flyin High, Forest Glen, Bradenton. With Respect.
  3. noefearracing

    Last night I rode the Eastbay Motocross open practice

    We're new to thumpertalk and realize your a veteran at sitting around making comments about riding and tracks...while we're out racing and riding on tracks, but, we thought the purpose of Thumpertalk was to share among fellow motocrosses what we have, don't have, need, etc. So we said it like it is...a tight track (that's a negative comment you won't hear on 98 Rock) but, we liked it anyway and so did our friends (that's a pos. comment). So, sorry if you feel we're failing at entering the Thumpertalk community by sharing our findings honestly so you don't experience the bad things...like last year when we paid to get into Bradenton (like 60.00 the first visit) and laughed when we turned the corner and saw the track that wasn't fit for a mini 50...then they closed a month later and we lost our annual membership fee. I don't even listen to 98 rock. ***
  4. I was on the track for at least 2 hours with several A and B riders and was amazed at the track condition. Some of my friends showed up, Tyler Teddler and DJ Aaron and Reed were there. At first they thought the track was a little tight but as the night went on they loved it more and more. Very challenging. And...the same people are coming back to ride again...so they must love it too! This is a great practice track. Richie Noe
  5. noefearracing

    Email i got from Ride East Bay Motocross

    redrider305-I don't see it that way. I got the same offer and understand-and expect-to pay any gate fee and if we like the track-pay for an annual membership. No sign of a bait-n-switch. If you do the math-these guys are giving out like $30,000.00 of free rides to the motocross community. That's nothing to sneeze about. I'm happy to get $15.00 in my pocket-that's gas and drinks for the day. You say "disappointing way to promote the track"...wow...what are you expecting...a limo to pick you up and take you there?
  6. noefearracing

    First Ride Report from East Bay MX

    I agree...It's the vet guys that are our fathers and got us here. The vet guys also open tracks and give places to ride.
  7. noefearracing

    First Ride Report from East Bay MX

    I watched Jason from Dreamtrax build the track and talked with him three days in a row. The track has a little bit of several of his works. Parts are tough and challenging and parts are average-but when I rode it-I made it what I wanted. It offered me a challenge when I was fresh and punky-but cruised well after the 2nd and 3rd hour. I never got board.