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  1. KS131

    104 hours on piston and still going!

    20 hrs for me been smoking new four strokes all year with a pair of stock 05's attachment=327766:ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1464654941.494306.jpg]
  2. KS131

    07 CR125 Spark Plug

  3. Cylinders are stamped A or B aren't they? I have two and they are both A. Noticed weisco doesn't differentiate. I've been using Honda Pistons.
  4. KS131

    suspension settings for the middle-aged?

    I agree with Tenaja. Get the correct sag by using the right spring first. The compresion and redound setting can only be done correctly after the bike is sprung right. Factory Connection always sets compression and rebound in a nuetral position -- a sensible place to start. Revalving is not likely necessary for most average skilled riders, unless the shock/ fork is worn heavily. Don't bother fooling with your C+R settings if it's not sprung correctly.
  5. KS131

    CRF 150r handlebars?

    don't wast your $ until he ruins the stock bars.......new bars won't make you kid any faster, it'll only teach him to make demands and that stock stuff is junk. spend $ on getting the bike suspension setup first.
  6. KS131

    Who is racing a CRF150R or Expert?

    Resprung ofcourse! We are in the Factory Connection Amature rider support program. Putting my rider on that bike without proper suspension setup would be ignorant and dangerous.
  7. KS131

    Who do you recommend for revalving?

    first things first Marco. You need to determine if the bike is sprung correctly for your size. Revalving won't help you unless this is done first. Don't wast your $ until then. Amazing how many out there are uniformed about basic suspension function. 1preload 2compresion 3 rebound Learn it... it's pretty simple really.
  8. KS131

    Who is racing a CRF150R or Expert?

    Just gave my 10 yr old this bike for his BD. Loves it. curently a 65B racer top 3, racing since he was 4. 70lbs soaking wet kid, was hesitant to go with this bike because of the weight but one came along at a great price. Several othe moto dads with championship kids advised against it. I did it anyway. Our local series WSP in NH alows them in the 85 classes and jr mini. Just wtching his first moto last weeknd I could tel the bike had strong potential passing power. A scary step for my son, but I have a hunch were gonna like it. I can already see others at the track looking twice.
  9. KS131

    CRF 150r any good for 65 rider moving up?

    $1400...2008...hardly used
  10. I have the opportunity to buy an '08 from a fellow moto dad who's boy is moving up to the 250f. My son is 9, a full time racer since PW, CRF50, KTM Pro Sr., now KTM 65sx. He is currently a top C rider and will likely point out to B by end of this season. Many kids in his class are already running some bike in the 85C... very few on the CRF 150. A few dads I know well have even bougth 150's -- only to get rid of them and go back to the 2 stroke. None of these guys seem to have a convincing reason. Any help on this i appreciated. I like the idea of my boy getting experience on a four stroke and moving towards the 85C class. Some have said this bike makes a better supermini ride than a 65 to 85 class ride... .
  11. KS131

    ATF in CRF 150

    Doesn't the crank case fluid lube the bottom of the combustion chamber in a four stroke motor? I thought ATF was not meant for that...!