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  1. I've been using it for years in 4 strokes and 2 stroke gear boxes. It is one of the best oils made today and its value is untouchable. Yamaha has been re bottling it as Yamalube for a long time too. If people want to pay 5x more because there is a motorcycle on the bottle then go ahead.
  2. It takes time to really get to know the 300. It's one of those bikes that can and will work extremely well for almost everyone, but at the same time if not respected.. well you know what happens. Thing is, the bike can be tuned to run however you want it. It's all in the jetting. It can be jetted to have insane snap off idle for hopping logs and shit, and it can also be jetted to be slower than a 125, but with enough torque to chug up anything. Take the time to set the bike up for how you like to ride. Experiment with the PV springs and preload, experiment with the jetting and you will eventually fall on a setting that works great for you.
  3. I've ridden both, and own the 17 300 XC-W (EXC) It's a tough call. If there was a larger network of Beta dealers and aftermarket support I probably would have bought the Beta. Unfortunately there are very few dealers here and that was a major deal breaker. That being said, I still love my 17 300, but it did take some time, money and effort to get it running to my liking. The chassis is super light, very thin and it's so easy to flick around! It feels like a 125 between your legs, but when you twist the throttle you are reminded that you are on a seriously powerful machine. I don't get fatigued as easily on it as previous bikes.. the vibration reduction is probably partly responsible for that.
  4. 0-3000 ft.
  5. Ended up with a 37.5 pilot, 43-73 clip 2, 420 main AS 1-1/4 Thinking I can drop to a 35 pilot when it gets a bit warmer. It's nuts how profound of an effect the pilot and air screw have on the Mikuni vs a Keihin!!
  6. I just slapped this into the Mikuni.. going to test it tomorrow. Thanks!
  7. That bike would sell up here for $4500 all day long. I would put it up for $3900obo and see what happens.
  8. Thats it, stamp it. His dealer says its definitely FI. It HAS to be true right!?
  9. fastway

    The further my dollar goes, the more stuff I buy! Simple as that. I have owned great pegs that were $60 (DRC).. so $200 pegs are out for me.
  10. Looks like some good deals to be had down in the states. Up here guys are on glue, asking 5k or close to it for a 100 hour 8-10 year old 450. The worst part is I think people are actually paying that!!
  11. The YZF and CRFR will hit harder and pull slightly harder. However, it will run out of gear faster and will have a lower top speed. The WR pretty much shares the same engine.. You can easily make it identical to a YZF If you're looking to haul on dirt roads the WR is the bike for you...
  12. I had an 11 XC for quite a long time. I put several hundred mostly trouble free hours on it and enjoyed it very much. It was a great bike. My only complaint was the starter.. absolutely everything that could fail, did fail. Thing is, it dosent really stand up to the 17 in any way... but if you have never ridden one, you wouldn't know the difference anyways. Trouble I have had in recent years with buying used bikes is I end up spending a ton of money on mods or trying to pretty it up, when really I was chasing that new bike. The 17 is worth it if you can afford it.
  13. I was doing it myself for a while, but the money I was spending on tube replacements really negated any of the savings of DIY haha.
  14. I just take my wheel and tire over to my local shop down the street.. 15 mins and $20 later its done and going back on the bike.. Cant beat that.
  15. Emperor makes some seriously high quality products. With the CAD being so weak, its a steal for the Americans right now! As stated above they are local to me as well so its nice to be able to support them. I have the regular skid plate on mine with a P3 pipe guard. The look/weight of the all in one pipe/skid guard was a turn off for me, but to each his or her own. They are also not easy to get off and on, so to remove your pipe with the all in one its gotta come off as well.