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  1. chanceYZ250F

    2010 crf250r wierd sound

    Thanks a lot man. That makes so much sense
  2. chanceYZ250F

    2010 crf250r wierd sound

    I just bought a brand new 2010 crf250r leftover in the crate. It runs awesome and starts really easy. The only thing is when it stalls out when im trying to kick it over or if the FIN is off and its cold then stalls it makes a clu-cluck noise on the right side of the engine where the clutch is. I just want to know if I should be concerned or if it is normal. Please anyone out there with a 2010 crf please let me know if this is nothing to worry about
  3. chanceYZ250F

    YZ250F Suspension Set Up

    hey thanks man. Ill try that
  4. chanceYZ250F

    YZ250F Suspension Set Up

    I have a 2006 YZ250f and the front right fork is leaking and I plan on doing a suspension rebuild. I am 160 lbs and I ride a lot of motocross, not much supercross. I was wondering if anyone had any sugestions out there that worked for them.
  5. chanceYZ250F

    2006 YZ250F 3rd Gear Skipping and Slipping

    Wow. Sorry I forgot all about this. Itore down the engine and found a bent Left fork and some rounded off dogs. Got the new parts, put it back together, now it runs like a champ.
  6. chanceYZ250F

    2006 YZ250F 3rd Gear Skipping and Slipping

    So I took the bottom end apart today and found out that the third gear dogs on both shafts are rounded over. Also the shift fork #2 was bent and worn. So I ordered the parts and they should be here around next week. I hope theis works.
  7. chanceYZ250F

    2006 YZ250F 3rd Gear Skipping and Slipping

    thanks for the help guys. I think its just the shift forks Im almost done with the teardown. Ill keep you posted
  8. So I was getting my bike ready to go to this new supercross track that just opened a few hours away. I was riding it in some trails near my house when I noticed that under a load or a snap of the throttle, third gear slips and makes all kinds of clanking. I dont think it is the clutch because it only does it in third, the clutch is out, and it makes a lot of clanking noises. I took the engine out and I'm planning on splitting the cases tommorow. I am in some desperate need of help here, I have never worked on transmissions before, only top ends. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  9. chanceYZ250F

    Who has the NICEST YZ/WR 250F on Thumpertalk?

    thats a nice bike.!!!!
  10. I did use a new collar for te head pipe and there are no new mods that I put on. So youre saying I should go back to stock jetting and see if that helps. When I put the new pilot jet in I adjusted the pilot screw with it and ended up losing it at the track because it was so far turned out. PS. It also backfires when just letting off the throttle
  11. I recently did a complete top end rebuild on my yz250f. After I broke it in it was backfiring a lot on deceleration and it runs rough at idle and 1/4 throttle opening and under. I fiddled with the pilot screw but that didnt do much. So then I went one number richer on the pilot jet it made a little difference but not much. Should I go one more number richer or is there something else I can try? Please help! Im racing in the south florida series soon.
  12. chanceYZ250F

    neutral switch

    Keep the wire connected to the CDI. If there is two wires leading in to one wire then go down to the switch and just snip the skyblue wire. This should eliminate your problem.
  13. chanceYZ250F

    '06 250ex valve adjustment help

    Cool. Thanks a lot.
  14. chanceYZ250F

    '06 250ex valve adjustment help

    it is 0.13mm for both intake and exhaust???
  15. chanceYZ250F

    '06 250ex valve adjustment help

    My sisters 2003 TRX250EX needs the valves adjusted and I was wondering what the valve clearance is?