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  1. Okay let's make this simple. 1st, if your trying to read the video files off of the GoPro when it's connected to the computer via the USB cable (or via a card reader via the cable), that will most likely be the 1st problem. Most older computers have USB2 ports which only transfer data a 480 mb's (megabits NOT megabytes) per second. As stated earlier, the file sizes of HD 1080p or 720p are too large to stream through the USB2 bus (USB3 on newer computers has much higher bandwidth). 2nd, the video files have to be converted to a intermediate editing codec, such as Apple ProRes 422 and read from an internal hard drive (preferably NOT the system drive). This is because the GoPro files are compressed H.264 files that will over task even the strongest video cards in this compressed form. Don't worry, you're not losing any quality by using this intermediate codec, it's just for editing. When the finished video is processed for final distribution, the editing software (I'm deliberately avoiding which one you should or shouldn't use) will use the original files. Lastly, the editing software you use should be able to do this conversion to the intermediate codec. If it can't then you need to buy one that can. There are some reasonably priced software that does this: Adobe Premiere Elements, Sony Vegas, Apple Final Cut Pro X (a little more expensive, MAC ONLY). There's a lot more to know, but if you follow the above steps it will work. Please realize, that you can't expect to edit video of the quality captured on the GoPro at its highest (or even medium) resolutions and/or frame rates with a bargain basement computer/laptop. You will have BAD results.
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    Own a Beta?

    You bet! 450 RR
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    New dirt bike advocacy video

    I'm sorry to hear that, but I really admire your tenacity. I'm sure that you will be an inspiration to your kids when you get older. And who know, maybe your parents will finally figure out that this is not a phase. Thanks for the positive comments on the video.
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    New dirt bike advocacy video

    Very good! I love the different camera positions too. If we can get more of these videos out showing the "friends & family" aspect of riding then I think our sport will continue to thrive.
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    New dirt bike advocacy video

    Good stuff! Exactly what I was going for.
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    New dirt bike advocacy video

    Thanks! I really like how it highlights the slow mo.
  7. Put this video together to show riders and non-riders how riding dirt bikes enriches the family. I'd like to know what you think.