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  1. thomasmunka

    Cannondale D&M kit?

    I have a 2002 Cannondale x440s. Where can I purchase a d&M kit? Does anybody on this site have one for sale? Are all the kits and connections the same for each bike and ATV? .. or do they vary from model to model? I hear each kit can only be synched to one bike ... is this true? If I buy a used kit, how can go about synching the kit to my bike? Thanks, Tom
  2. thomasmunka

    DR350 Rear Wheel Misaligned??

    I've read some mixed opinions.... What's the widest rear tire I can comfortably fit on the 350?
  3. thomasmunka

    DR350 Rear Wheel Misaligned??

    cool, i think I'll give the bigger tire a shot
  4. thomasmunka

    DR350 Rear Wheel Misaligned??

    Thanks! If I center the rear wheel and put a bigger tire on, would the bike pull to one side when I ride it or go into death wobbles?
  5. thomasmunka

    DR350 Rear Wheel Misaligned??

    Hi I'm new to the forum. I have a 1990 DR350s, which I bought already converted to supermoto. I've been riding it for almost a year, and have done 80+MPH, and the rear wheel is misaligned with the swingarm(see pics); I've seen Dr350's in the street with their wheels misaligned like mine, but I've seen supermoto DR350 pics where the wheel is centered with the swingarm I have a second set of dirt wheels, the rear wheel is also misaligned on those... Should my rear wheel be aligned with the bike or is it purposely misaligned? pics: http://picasaweb.google.com/Thomas415g/AutomotiveMoto#