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  1. JROC311

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    This saturday we got the XR's out and rode around the house. Here is a video I made from our new Gopros. http://www.vimeo.com/17747227
  2. JROC311

    I need some advice on handlebars.

    on my xr4 I have Pro Taper se KX high bend and they are wider than stock and also taller. All of the bar manufacturers list the dimensions of their bars on their websites just get one with the diminesions you are looking for. And it is best to get new grips, trying to get the old ones off and reuse them is just not worth it. I get most of my after market stuff from Rocky Mountain ATV or LocoX
  3. JROC311

    help! Im beginning to hate my bike!

    AH HA. SO it is improper installation just not by you by the PO. Maybe sinse he put used parts From two bikes to make one work he put some "extra" parts in there. If you have two thrust washers (17) together behind the center clutch I would think that would cause the problem you are having. To much space in between the center clutch and the pressure plate would minimize your clamping force. I would take one out and try it and also look at the diagram closely of the clutch and kickstarter assy to make sure everything else he may have done is correct.
  4. JROC311

    Race Gooning

  5. JROC311

    XR250r Headlight idea???

    The stock stator barely powers one bulb. Running two bulbs will not be any brighter.
  6. I ride a xr4 and am looking into getting a ktm300 for a little 2 stroke fun. I like the relibility factor of the kdx's but for me they fall a little short in performance. That being said I will NEVER sell the xr4. It will ALWAYS be in my garage. You just can't beat it for all an around do everything good bike. And the reliability and low maintenance is in a class all its own.
  7. JROC311

    What oil to use?

    +1 for Rotella T 15w40. It's cheap and works just fine and you can get it at any auto store.
  8. JROC311

    help! Im beginning to hate my bike!

    The notches on your clutch basket are pretty bad but IMO they are NOT causing the problem you are referring to. There is something else going on. One question is what exactly was it doing before you repaired it? Same symptoms as now? http://www.cheapcycleparts.com/model_years/410-honda-1986-XR250R/assemblies/6045 link for parts breakdown and cheap prices for oem parts. I would think it is either improper installation,adjustment, improper parts, or other worn parts. (not necessarily in that order) I would suspect the pressure plate and/or the center clutch (#'s 7 and 4 on the breakdown)
  9. I'm using the pillow top lites now and I like them much better than the regular pillow tops. I had them on first and cut em off after one ride because they felt too fat and squishy. The lites have held up well for me.
  10. JROC311

    XR100 with Green & Gold paint

    I have to admit when I saw the title of the thread the only reason I clicked on it was to see a picture of some POS that some one ruined with can spray paint. ....but, that looks very nice and very well done. I love the golf grip wraped grab bar.
  11. JROC311

    The i got a good deal on parts thread

    cheapcycleparts.com for oem parts if you don't have a hook up at a dealership. rocky mountain and locox.com for aftermarket
  12. JROC311

    Power level issues on my 400

    +1 on putting a 14t front sprocket on. For single track and tight trails it is sooo much better than stock gearing and a lot easier on the clutch. Also has better power through the gears but you do shift sooner and on fire roads or open trails I occasionally am shifting up looking for the elusive sixth gear. The best thing about changing the front to one tooth smaller is it's cheap(got a front 14t from rocky mountain for 9 bucks). It only takes five minutes to change from one to the other. And in most cases you can use the same chain
  13. JROC311

    Can't decide between GoPro's!

    I ordered mine sunday night and shipped it out monday. here is the link http://store.58cycle.com/GoPro_HD_Motorsports_HERO_1080p_Wide_Angle_5MP_p/hero%20gopro%20cam%20wide%20hd%20sale.htm
  14. JROC311

    First Bike for Old(er) Guy

    Good choice GoldenEagleTX! That bike at that price and condition you can't really go wrong with. It should be a great learner bike for now and if you do want more later you can always keep the 230 for a play bike or an extra for a buddy to ride. The 230 will last a long time and if you do want to sell it instead of keeping it, you probably can get what you have in it back. So good choice and happy riding to you:ride:
  15. JROC311

    First Bike for Old(er) Guy

    I would have to say the xr is one of the most reliable, low maintenance, fun to ride, will go anywhere you are willing to take it bike out there. And for a 6 foot rider I would say get a Xr400. It is an awesome bike that does everything good (except maybe mx). There are faster and lighter bikes out there but for a begginer that doesn't want to have to worry about frequent and costly maintenance it's hard to beat. And as far as no electric start is concerned if the bike is jetted properly and you follow a simple stating routine it is a one or two kick deal. Same if you have a bike with electric start and it is not jetted properly the battery probably won't cut it for long anyway. And not to leave out a two stroke choice of the same caliber the KDX 200 or 220 are both great and very fun bikes.