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  1. womens class. 17th overall first time there
  2. awesome experience man, my g/f was racing the womens class so we had buisness to take care of as well, but it was a great time, will be back there next year for sure
  3. just went and spectated for my first time ever last week. i can tell you it is an experience! im gonna race mini o's this year and depending how i do i might try a qualifier for lorrettas!
  4. i wanna say first place went down and he passed him. i was there. but i may be wrong. anyway, still super impressive ride on the 125 to take out the class! props!
  5. on a mx track on a 450 you should never be in first gear unless your in the pits.
  6. awesome looking bike man!
  7. crf150r does not have a key. its a race bike. kick start only
  8. so replacing your injector fixed it? on the first bike
  9. its been full one time. other wise it just rises on the dipstick a little bit.maybe a half inch or so. i wish it was just smell lol
  10. think it would be worth putting one on?
  11. gonna be the last time i bring it up on here, obviously people that dont have this problem just laugh it off... there is still not a fix anywhere on here. but thanks for your input and we will see what happens from here.
  12. awesome man! i ride mostly at sunshine! and race at dade. but definitely like bartow too.. how dry is it right now? i rode it mostly like jan - mar
  13. 100% agree
  14. yeah.... mine stopped for a little then started a little more... not too worried about it i am using rotella so its a pretty cheap oil change just think i should get more than a ride or two on a oil change
  15. your right there are a lot of threads on it. but not one of them has a fix, and thats what i need. maybe 25 hours on it.