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  1. gunforhire

    HELP!! Broke my "05 spark plug off in head !

    Got the head back on and everything hooked back carefully. Today it is starting and running like new. New NGK is torqued to spec and was put in dry. The manual and videos helped and I had to get a mini torque wrench for the cam bolts and a few other small torque bolts in the tensioner system. Thanks to everyone who helped. Tt is awesome. Gunforhire 05 yz250f / FMF FActory 4 Ti,powerbomb,xxx suspensions,vortex,works conn guards,ims pegs,fx axleblocks,PMB Kick-it,Cycra vented front fender,SHark Fin,full floating front rotor, factory 909 bars & brake lever
  2. gunforhire

    HELP!! Broke my "05 spark plug off in head !

    762spr: right on. I just had the threads cleaned, new plug in and torqued to spec. No lubricant/ no anti seize. Next I slap it back together and fire it up.
  3. Bought this '05 to start doing Hare Scrambles in FLorida Lots of Mods...
  4. gunforhire

    Yz 250F's!

    My Hare Scramble bike ready for its first race : 11/11
  5. gunforhire

    HELP!! Broke my "05 spark plug off in head !

    762spr: look at the pics and see what I'm seeing. I don't see anything like black powder. On my finger, the stuff that came out on the Threads looks like silver neverseize. I cannot be 100% sure since I shot blaster and corrosion x on the area for a week. From now on I'm going to use the advice of NGK and use nothing at all. I'm going to keep the plug area very clean, and I'm going to shoot corrosion spray in the drain hole, and I'm removing and checking plug often.
  6. gunforhire

    HELP!! Broke my "05 spark plug off in head !

    Here's a great thread debating the use of anti seize on plugs: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18050 You decide. Here is a PDF from the maker of the plug I pulled out: http://www.ngksparkplugs.com/pdf/TB-0630111antisieze.pdf
  7. gunforhire

    HELP!! Broke my "05 spark plug off in head !

    If you read my post carefully it sounds like I plan to use anti seize On the plug in the future. Now I'm not so sure. The funny thing is, as hard as these threads Were to remove, it looks like they had anti seize on them once I got them out ! *** Well, i was talking to a factory thumper mechanic tonite who said to Never use anti seize when you have dissimilar metals + heat, water. With thumpers: Plug is steel, head is aluminum. Antiseize Introduces even more metals To the equation. Lots of Potential for galvanic corrosion. If u look at the threads on my head, you can see they are pitted, but there was No rust. Hmm .... Were they actually corroded and stuck because of the Antiseize? Maybe what looks like anti seize is just the effect of the pb blaster Mixed with the grinding of the threads coming out , making tiny bits of steel mixed with corrosion spray.... The reason I don't know is because I am not the one who put the plug in. The PO did it. This needs to be looked at. When to use anti seize and when not.
  8. gunforhire

    HELP!! Broke my "05 spark plug off in head !

    OK, I am out of the woods. Here's the fix with pix for others in the future. RECAP: Had the bike for a few weeks. Ran fantastic. I was doing routine spark plug replacement on the bike so I can start fresh with everything and get on my own maint schedule. The plug was frozen, not removable with 3/8 socket wrench. MY buddy took out a breakerbar and it broke off at the threads. PLug broke pretty easily. IT was an NKG cr8eix /iridium. I shot corrosion x then PB blaster in cylinder hole and plugged the drain hole to keep it in there. I got a manual, ordered gaskets, looked at a bunch of YOUTUBE videos and then removed the head once i studied the procedure many many times. Removed the porcelain, removed electrode. This plug looks ok from the bottom...trust me, it is frozen solid in there and the head is busted so there is no way to turn it. I tried easy out and chisel from the plug boot side. Gently tapped, tried to turn the threads out. I worked for 2 days with the head in my hands, easy access to both sides. I drilled the threads out very carefully with 2 drill bits, careful not to go too big and start taking head threads with the drill. I removed as much of the soft spark plug threads as possible, Real easy to drill. No matter what i did, the threads were still stuck. I read over and over that you need to be patient and go slow, keep soaking in PB blaster. Thats what I did. The threads that were left were still stuck after 4 hrs of wrenching and tapping over the weekend. I even froze the removal tools overnight hoping to shrink the threads. Be careful as this may make a cheap easy out break even faster. I never used heat. Too afraid to warp the head or melt the valve guides. This is not what you ever want to have to deal with...trust me. Even with just a bit of threads left, the plug wouldnt budge. I gave up and was going to send it to a machine shop. I was thinking about it and I decided to try one more thing. Instead of attacking it myself, I got a couple friends. I had one of them turn a square easy out from the cylinder side of the hole, I turned with a chisel from the plug hole side, another buddy helped hold head on the bench sideways. (We had no Vice) More PB blaster.... Then, the thread on my side started to turn. Very slow,hard, but smoothly. UNBELIEVEABLE. Almost 1/2 inch of threads came out. Here are the first threads removed by the squared off chisel tool i had laying around. IT turned out to be a perfect tool, very hard, thick, sharp edges and a slow taper. It fit nice in the drilled out plughole. I think its key to have the right type of removal tools for this. It took another 45 min of struggling to get the other 1/2 " or so of the threads out. They were a little buggered so I drove them out through the cylinder side. I used a square easy out. It squeeked and fought the whole way. The threads were so stuck, I couldnt believe they came out and left decent threads in the head. But here it is. Needs a bit of thread chasing but it's almost ready to have the new plug installed. THe funny thing was it almost looked like there was in fact some neverseize on the threads. In any case, I will always use antiseize lube on these threads. ******EDIT***** I have added info below about anti seize that I discovered after I wrote this post. It's possible looking at all the evidence that this was actually caused by anti seize on the plug****** The yz250 plug is unique and delicate. It sinks way into the head with 3/4 inches of 10mm dia SUPERFINE 1mm pitch thread. The plug threads are 19mm long. Thats alot of thread. I suspect the plug was in there for 2 years or so, and that water got in though the drainhole during washing /riding and was never blown out. There was maybe nothing on the threads to stop corrosion either. Either way, looking at this now, it is SUPER IMPORTANT to check, change, lube the threads on this bike, and probably many other small thumpers. Tomorrow i go to a motorcycle shop and have them clean up the 1mm pitch threads with a tap. I cant find a super fine 1mm pitch tap for sale anywhere near me. Now I got to look at getting this all back together and am going to check the valve clearance before i button it up.
  9. gunforhire

    HELP!! Broke my "05 spark plug off in head !

    Pb blaster seems to work better than wd-40 for sure. I had seem corrosion X ( super expensive) do some amazing things to corrosion on my outboard Motors. Completely stops it and seems to prevent it from coming back. I don't know if it penetrates like PB however, so I may do PB next. Yea, never ever force a spark plug. The threads are hollow and Very very thin. I have anti seize compond and will coat the new plug for Sure.
  10. gunforhire

    HELP!! Broke my "05 spark plug off in head !

    Thanks for the helpful comments. Anti seize and PB blaster .... Ahh if only the PO did these things I would not have seized plug threads. Anyway, full top end gasket set is ordered and I am meeting a mechanic at the race this weekend and we are going to get into it there in his portable shop. If all goes well we will bang it out in a day and have a look at the cam and valve specs while we are in there. If all goes well I'll be racing it Sunday. We will see.
  11. gunforhire

    HELP!! Broke my "05 spark plug off in head !

    Thanks jet rep,dr Da da. I am assembling a parts list for this: So far : Yamaha manual inch pound torque wrench ( craftsman) Feelers Shims ? Head gasket Should I change my cam chain while in there??? Since this spark plug was so cruddy, I wonder what other maintenance was undone. Time to check it all. Kind of brutal experience after only 2 rides with this bike. Motor is stripped, need To drain oil, remove valve cover and get all the way to the head to drive the threads back out somehow. I may try to easy out from the top once head is in my hands.
  12. gunforhire

    HELP!! Broke my "05 spark plug off in head !

    Link To manual not working.... Anyone have another ? I will gladly buy one. What is the best manual for the yz250f ?
  13. gunforhire

    HELP!! Broke my "05 spark plug off in head !

    Thanks for replies so far, especially that manual ! I went back to the bike after posting and shot corrosion x in the spark plug hole, enough to flush it, then I plugged the drain hole and filled chamber so it can sit / soak. I also unhooked the carb, header, mounts. The water is drained . I am still sooo pissed that we just did this to my yammi as the bike ran soooo well !!!!! I'm worried it will never be the same after I go into the head, cams etc. My worry is certainly because I have a lack of knowledge of how hard it is to get a head off and on without screwing anything up. But there is no choice. Those threads were stuck bad. I will be very very Lucky to drive/ drill them out from the bottom once the head is off. Next time, and for all of you out there... Never ever ever force a plug to come out! I should have looked with a light, mirror, saw the corrosion way down there, and sprayed corrosion breaker in there and walk away for 24 hrs. I should have come back with a 3/8 impact ands slowly tried to move it. So has anyone taken this head off/ on without doing a whole Rebuild ?????
  14. $*&T !!!!!! Need advice quick as I have a race in 7 days and just had a major screw up and need to see my chances of pulling the head and fixing quickly.. There are no dealers nearby. I need advice from someone who has pulled the head on this bike before. The Story: I have a 2005 yz250f. It's new to me so I am going thru it piece by piece and doing maintenance. I have done everything except the plug. I went to change the plug today. The plug was not was not budging with a 3/8 ratchet on it..... My buddy suggested a "Breaker Bar " and it worked really freaking good .....It broke the frozen plug at the threads. IM SO STUPID TO LET THIS HAPPEN ! The broken top half of the plug when i got it out with magnet revealed a bunch of rust and corrosion down there. The small plug drain hole was clean, but i suspect water got in there from cleaning etc and sat in the thread seat. Im assuming PO has not changed the plug in quite a while. Funny cause everything else on the bike looks really well maintained. I like where there are no shops within 3 hours. I have tons of tools and have worked on cars, sterndrives ,outboards, bikes. I have never gone into a 4 stroke Thumper. I have no manual at this time. (I'm looking for one now) Any advice on how to attack this and get to those threads to try to coax them out ????? I want to wrap my head around what I need to do to fix this asap. WHat is it gonna take to remove the head to get at the threads ???? What do I need to watch out for ? Do I need specialty tools ? Steve in Florida
  15. gunforhire

    Starter Issue on '99 650l

    Need advice as I may need to find a new starter for my 99 650l. Got to work today and heard a really funny sound as I came to a stop. Seems as the starter button was stuck engaged as i rode to work this morning. (4 miles ) Mostly very slow riding. I didnt hear it cause i had ipod on and helmet in place since before starting the bike. (Yea, stupid ) Anyway, It appears the starter was engaged for the whole 10 minute ride. It still works fine, but when I parked it it was making a funny sound, could be a bearing, or worse, gears. IT was real hot to touch of course when I parked it. I am assuming I probably fryed it and will confirm that this afternoon. I have a trip coming up and we all know there aint no kick starter on the L. Meantime I am starting to look for a used starter here on TT. Anyone know a good source? Anyone have one in the garage they want to sell? Thanks, Steve Florida