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  1. xskaterx07

    Crf230 idle

    Bike goes fine unless in your idle ing then it cuts off. Where on the bike can i raise the idle and how? thanks
  2. xskaterx07

    230 battery

    Was charged at the store.
  3. xskaterx07

    230 battery

    So i didn't touch my bike in 5 months. Electric start obviously didn't work. Rolling down a hill and popping in second works fine. I got a new battery and it the electric start still wont work. Doesn't make any clicking noises or anything. It doesn't do anything. Any reason why?
  4. xskaterx07

    crf230f battery

    This bike has not been moved/used in about 5 months. The battery is obviously dead. Can i recharge it or do i buy a new one.