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  1. I should add I also did the pumper spring mod.
  2. So here's a question, my L came with a factory Honda muffler off of a trx400 on it when I bought it. I guess the old one needed replacing and the owners dad had one on hand. Would there be any performance gain compared to the factory xr muffler? I'd guess the 400 muff would be larger but I may be wrong. I just installed an xrs only header and wonder if I should purchase an exhaust kit to finish it off or if this muffler is a good match for it. After rejetting it seems to lack low end still but really picks up at about 4-5000 rpm
  3. 1/2 inch or 11.5 mm to be exact
  4. I realize the disclaimer, the trx muffler fit without issue to the factory header and mid pipe. Same size pipe and all so I thought this may be an xrs only thing
  5. .
  6. Thats what I'm hoping, I just think to have my mid pipe expanded enough to fit over the header would probably stretch the pipe so much it wouldn't have much strength. Rereading my post I guess my question isn't very clear, is this common for xrs only headers or an issue of my franken-exhaust?
  7. I'm considering having a muffler shop expand the pipe but I think its too much. My other option is to have the entire midpipe from header to muffler replaced. I can't afford to pay for a new larger slip on muffler at the moment as I just purchased jets,a uni filter, a header and lits of other parts to get it back on the road and legal again
  8. I have a 93 xr250l with an xrs only header. I had the original L header before with a muffler off of a trx400 and the original slip/clamp fittings. I just installed the xrsonly header which is beautiful but the can't use the original fittings it seems the size of the collector is bigger than the O.D. of the muffler pipe. Is this because of the weird muffler combo I have? The bike had it installed when I bought it