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  1. You wont have to wait at all she will be not too far behind
  2. You Guys must want her to fall off. Get a CRF 150 there are not slow and boggy
  3. CRF 150F would be perfect
  4. What is the Best mixing oil for a YZ 85?
  5. Can you beef up the suspension on a 2004 YZ 85?
  6. Hi I Currently have a 2004 CRF 150F Completely stock. I can trade it for a 2004 YZ 85 FMF silencer Renthal bars Im 5'3 125lbs. Should i trade?
  7. Get him a 85 anykind CR Kx YZ RM i say get him a CR
  8. well how do you think it will be height wise?
  9. I dont know if it will help the 150 is an F model
  10. Hi i have a CRF 150 stock and i can trade it for a KX 80 stock fresh rebuild should i do it they both run great, thanks
  11. Hi, I want to know what a rev box or CDI box does is it worth 50$?
  12. thanks for the help i got the 150
  13. I ride alot of trails but like to gun it everynow and then i need a 4 stroke
  14. j44 can you send me a pic with a price