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  1. Nothing bike has never left me stranded but i check everything before i go on a long ride:thumbsup:
  2. I used 240 volts it worked twice as fast but the power company was not happy about having to come out and reset the transformer for the whole neighbor hood:thumbsup:
  3. yes they have one every year not sure when ill have to google it i know its not easy
  4. anyone in my area interested in a group ride to virgina city on 8 22 2010 if so hit me up would love to see a group of drzs up there nice turns on the way up to
  5. i have no regrets with my sm traded a cbr 929 for it im happy with jet kit air box mod and fmf exhaust i just put diffrent gearing on it for the long rides now i have no problems on the highway or riding with friends on sport bikes 15 tooth front sprocket and 38 rear now i can run 90 mph with more throttle to go
  6. just installed a 38 tooth rear sprocket with a fifteen on front what a big diffrence i would do this first before the sixteen ive seen them cut into the swingarm
  7. not a damn thing except stare at her while im wating for fed x and the ups guy then its on bike looks so sad on pit stand all torn apart anyone else hate waiting on parts to be delivered
  8. has anyone ran the conti force sm tires need new tires soon on the drz looking for opinions or recommendations i ride street mostly lots of twistys in the mountains alot without guard rails hate to go out because of garbage tires thats a bad way to go
  9. im running the stock needle full fmf pwer bomb exhaust system 165 main and 3x3 air box mod. i shimed the needle with two points washers from a harley perfect size and the bike runs great:thumbsup:
  10. fill your bars with fill a foam and install a set of bark busters this greatly reduced vibration for me also i installed pro taper gel grips
  11. 2005 drz400-sm i get maybe a hundred miles before im on reserve with stock sprokets bikes jetted 3x3 air box mod full fmf exhaust system but i ride it like its stolen good luck
  12. HI All i have a 2005 drz400sm ive always had a ticking noise at closed throttle sounds like top end Valves? soon as i give it gas it stops ive installed mcct bike has 7000 miles am i being paronoid or is this motor prone to noise thanks for your input almost forgot valves are in spec
  13. any time im self employed so just let me know im heading up to bullys sports bar for bike night tonight on carson st about 6.30 pm
  14. also almost forgot can anyone suggest a good shop for parts and repair work thanks in advance:thumbsup:
  15. i ride a drz400sm does alright off road if taken easy but i have a rm 250 for the gnarley stuff looking to find a sm track in my area or at least a couple good twisty roads