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  1. Reed has always been a loser, remember him trying to take out Stewart at Vegas. He's a mid pack guy.
  2. Not a overheat problem but my 2007 wr450, if I put a little coolant in the recovery tank and go ride it comes back empty. The radiators stay full. If I do not put coolant in the tank and ride the radiators still stay full. Any ideas why it drains the recovery tank? Thanks guys
  3. My son has a 08 150rb and after about 3 hours his oil is off the dip stick from full. Only blue smoke is sometimes if he revs it high. At this point we just keep oil in the tool box.
  4. Check the post, bike will not kickstart. This happen to my 08, the cam sprocket holder spun on the cam. Turn the piston over by hand and see if the cam lobes are pushing the valves when it locks up. If so it's time for a new cam. Also check the lifters in the cam holder to see if the seized.
  5. My son's 150rb seized last week. Just took it apart yesterday and the cam sprocket spun about 15 to 20 degrees. Enough to make the exhaust valves hit the piston.