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  1. jbbuilt

    06 cr85 ring gap

    Thanks. that was the answer I was lookin for. Yes, it was looked after but it was redone after the rings wore out by previous owner.New rings, piston ,crank bearings and head cylinder work.I thought it was replaced but now think it was bored or honed out to fix damage done by wore rings. I will next try next size rings when i tear down again.looks like I'm good for a bit. At .013 after 30 hrs means another season on the same top.Cool. At least now I have a base line to know where I am and where I want to be.
  2. jbbuilt

    06 cr85 ring gap

    Tore down the heads to put new rings in new bike.Manual said to replace if greater than .20.The one in it measured .13 with a 130 compression.Great I thought.Has maybe 30 hrs on it ....that i know. I try the new ones and they measure in at .16. I figure it must have been bored out a bit. If I go looking for the next size up rings what is the minimum I can go on the end gap.I know .13 works but should new ones be .10 .11 .12 or what.Too small and it would bind i assume.
  3. Anyone use them "Power now' dividers in their carbs? From Scary Fast i think. How about a "spacer"? Looking for some more bottom on cr85..
  4. jbbuilt

    yz85 bogging out

    Go smaller pilot.It is only $10 and would bet the same for it to help ya.
  5. I would think ya need a rejet even before the FMF.Mine came rich and had to be leaned out alot on the pilot and needle.Ya gotta read and try it yourself...Read the plug in the range you want to improve.Plug chop.. Or pay "the Man" to tune it in for you.Its easy and a good skill to learn in this 2T hobby..
  6. Well my cr 85 had a 45 stock.I'm on a 40 and looking for a 38 now.Just pay attention to your plug color when your in low r's
  7. So,I had 45 pilot and put in a 42.Better but not great.Someone say to lower needle and done that,put on #2 from #3,.Better again...Getting good plug color now but still boggy.put in a 40 and made it better still.Now plug good color when on pipe.Plug chop when idle and putting about it is a dark brown.No longer black. On pipe is nice tan color.Air screw is out about 1/2 3/4. that is best rev. Would like to drop some more and get a 38.Super special order.Is it worth it? Who has it? At sea level in Halifax August time. Plug is a 9 and a 10 .Go hotter?? It just do not have the zip of a yz.maybe lower gears needed ? Thanks for all input.Looking for a zippy low end and not so much on top end.Hare scramble stuff is my goal.Pass you on the straights...lol