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  1. lp87

    cr500r thoughts

    the newer cr's have compression releases? Automatic? how big are you?
  2. lp87

    cr500r thoughts

    thats great to hear because my kx was to start to say the least. Also, don't cr500's have the same or similar compression ratios as 250's? so why would they be harder to start?
  3. Hey all I am new on this forum but have owned a few bikes in my lifetime including a 2008 ktm 144sx, 1990 kx500, and 2005 rm125 to name a few. I am 15 years old and currently don't have a bike but am looking into a cr500r. I have found one in mint condition (a 1998) for a good price but before i buy i need some opinions on starting the thing. I didn't own my kx500 for long becuase it was too hard to start and i could rarely get it started. I am 5'9 and 160 pounds. That being said, it was a 1990, and i want to know if the differing years matter for starting, as i have heard the older bikes are much harder to start. Thanks for any help.