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  1. Colonel Carnage

    What to bring on a trail ride?

    and weed and cigarettes of course:smirk:
  2. Colonel Carnage

    What to bring on a trail ride?

    Had a serious injury on a ride last weekend, cell phone is huge.
  3. Colonel Carnage

    Purple power

    Its all I use, works sick.
  4. Colonel Carnage

    Left Case Cover Replace

    Make sure you loc-tite the stator and pick up screws too. I broke my clutch cover one ride, fixed it and broke the left side case cover on the next ride. R's arent meant for rock riding.
  5. Colonel Carnage

    Wow, I'm an idiot...

    I kicked my bike over till I nearly had a heart attack, no start. Ran fine last ride. had a major tantrum, made a complete a-hole out of myself, swearing at bike "this things junk", WHAT THE F#*K! Then noticed I never pulled the plug out of the baffle. What a dickhead.
  6. Colonel Carnage

    It happens to the best of us...

    No but had the ramp break and piled into the bedside Ever fill your pants while riding?
  7. Colonel Carnage

    Crf450r mods!

    Hand guards are a good mod. Makes you feel like you can ride through anything and protects your levers when you dump.
  8. Colonel Carnage

    Rear Tire 120/90/19?

    The 120/90 is gonna be a taller tire that will change the way your gearing feels as well.
  9. Colonel Carnage

    I had the PERFECT place then...

    Just ride. If the cops come, run. Its actually quite fun. Thats the way we do it in Massachusetts.
  10. Colonel Carnage

    My CRF450R

    Shaaaaaaweeeeeeet. How do the neighbors like that thing tearing up and down the street?