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  1. Thanks, I put in .30 mm smaller shims and still don't have proper clearance with the correct torque on the caps, so I guess I will have to take it to a shop for a rebuild. Anybody have a shop recommendation for the Pasadena/ Los Angeles area? What's an average price?
  2. Thanks for all the input. Does it matter if it's the valve seat or the valve coating ? Once it's apart, does it make sense to replace both? I can't imagine for the cost of labor it's a good idea to put the same valves back in...
  3. Oh yeah, I put this question in the YZ thread because the bike was a race bike (no VIN or model on frame under seat), I was told it was a wr450 with a yz 450 top end, which I assume meant the hotter cams. thanks again
  4. Was doing a valve adjustment on a 04wr450 with an unknown rebuild history and unknown amount of hours. I started this because the bike wouldn't start and checked fuel/air/spark which was good. All three intake valves have no clearance. Both exhaust are within spec. I pulled out a 210,200, and 185 shim. How much smaller can I shim without being worried about the seats, or titanium valves being past their service life? Should I worry if I end up with proper clearance with a 160,150, 135? thanks