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  1. Codeman69

    450 cam in a 426

    MIne appeared to ride slightly higher, but has ran flawlessly. That valve noise you could be hearing is the auto decompression on the new cam, makes a slight ticking sound. Perfectly normal as my buddy bikes makes the same noise and has many hours and seasons of riding on it. ON the decompression mechanism I took the cable off and than cut the slide that went into the motor. I cut it so I 1/8" sticking out the front of the bike and flush on the inside, so the screw can still hold it in its place. Seems to be fine and I have a day of riding on it.
  2. Codeman69

    Few Quesitions

    Just an update, I installed the cam in the bike today and everything went great. Kicked it over a few times to get fuel to the carb and bam within the second to third kick fired right up. I than killed the bike and did it again to make sure I did not get lucky. Well worth the money and time for this mod. Hardest part is the wait to go riding to break in the cam, LOL. I highly recommened this mod to the bike, as I dreded starting it. Now I am glad to jump on the bike and let her rip. Now to do the BK mod and get a steering stabilizer and have it. Thanks again grayracer513!
  3. Codeman69

    450 cam in a 426

    I just installed a Hotcam for the 450 into my 426 same as they one you have and everything worked flawless, you have no worries.
  4. Codeman69

    Few Quesitions

    Ordered it and hoping to have it here next week and riding by the following weekend! Sounds good on the shim kit, I am hoping that the valves do not need them, but if they do I will gladly pay the ~$30 vs the $90 kit and all it will serve is as a paper weight. Thanks a ton man!
  5. Codeman69

    Few Quesitions

    Thanks man! I do have a Snap on torque wrench capable of 70-80 inch pounds. Would I need to buy a shim kit for the valves? Also is this the cam I need to buy for it to work? In the link the bottom right I was going to snag that shim kit if need to be. http://www.hotcamsinc.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=cProducts.view&productid=485 Going to read the links you posted now! Man he makes it look so easy in the videos, LOL.
  6. Codeman69

    Few Quesitions

    Hey guys and gals how is it going? I recently purchased a 2001 YFZ 426 has a ton of aftermarket parts on it, except for the 450 mod. I have only ridden the bike once since owning it, a month now. After kicking and kicking the bike I started to research some and noticed the all mighty "450 mod". Seems like from looking around 2003-2005 more bottom end and 2006 up better top end. I plan to go with the 2003-2005 cam. As bike has plenty of top end for me. Now the problem is seems like most post about it are a year old or so and information is kinda of scattered here and there. I plan on doing it myself as seems easy as most folks said. Plus I am mechanically inclinded and like to work on my own toys. Now comes my quesition what cam will work? A stock 2003-2005 YFZ450 cam? Anything else needed other then the cam, feeler gauges, and basic tools to do the job? The bike has 10 hours on it since was rebuild by the guy I bought it from. So do not think, scratch that hope it does not need anything else, LOL. Can some one just confirm what I need and where to find the PDF file or instructions on the install from start to finish? Thanks!