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  1. TripleThreat719

    Te610 cam chain tensioner question

    I installed the APE manual tensioner. I have no idea why Tapatalk is creating an automatic hyper link... I didn't insert that.
  2. TripleThreat719

    need information on 2005 husqvarna te 250

    Did you shift gears? If you don't know anything about bikes, it's possible that you don't know that they have transmissions. 20 MPH would be about all you'd get out of 1st gear.
  3. TripleThreat719

    2006 TE610 Skid Plate

    Just a few follow-up pictures to show that the Hyde Racing Skid Plate (Part # HP-SG-99) does fit a 2006 TE610... Simple retention method (same type front and rear) As you can see, it's a perfect fit on a 2006. It's made of a Teflon/Co-Polymer which creates much less reflected and resonant noise than an aluminum skid plate. It's simple to install (less than 10 minutes). The bike is about ready for some fun trips...
  4. TripleThreat719

    2006 TE610 Skid Plate

    In case there is anyone else still around with a 2006 TE610... The Hyde Racing Poly Skid Plate fits the 2006 perfectly!
  5. I ordered up A Hyde Racing Skid Plate from BRP. Installed the Bag Racks today and the Wolfman Bags... Fully adventurized now... 5 Gal IMS Tank, GPS, SPOT, Wolfman Tank Bag, Wolfman Panniers, plus a couple of 1 liter fuel bottles for extra insurance... Should easily have 300 miles of range now...
  6. TripleThreat719

    2006 TE610 Skid Plate

    Interested in purchasing a Skid Plate for my 2006 TE610... Hoping to buy a Hyde Racing Poly Skid Plate. Less sound reflection than an aluminum plate... Called Hyde Racing today. They list their plate as fitting a 2007 and later. They said the 2006 was different. I called Hall's... they suggested I look at the parts fische for the 2006 vs. 2007 to see if the frame and engine case numbers match... They are exact matches from 2006 to 2007. The frame is the same in 2008 as well, but the engine number is different. I think I'm going to order one and see if it fits... Anyone still here who has put a Hyde Racing skid plate on a 2006 that can verify that it will fit?
  7. Picked up a New To Me 2006 TE 610 a couple of weeks ago. Got it from my brother... only 3500 miles. Had a TE 310 a while back and loved it in the tight stuff in the woods, but it sucked as a dual sport because of the close ratio gearbox. The 610 doesn't add a ton of weight, but has a wonderful wide ratio gearbox, so riding it a long distance to get to some moderate single track is more doable and actually will be enjoyable compared to the 310... In great shape... Got out for about 75 miles late Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful day to ride... Short stop at the Waterfowl Resting Area... And another short stop at Lake Monroe... Think I'm really going to like this bike... I'll be interested to see how the Heidenau K60 Scouts do on her...
  8. TripleThreat719

    Husqvarna TE610 (2006)


    Great Dual Sport Bike with a Smooth Engine and nice wide ratio transmission...
  9. TripleThreat719

    Husqvarna TE610 2006

    Great Dual Sport Bike with a Smooth Engine and nice wide ratio transmission...
  10. TripleThreat719

    2009 TE 310 Rekluse Clutch - Which one, which clutch cover?

    Great - Thanks...
  11. So... i spent 4 days on a KTM 990 Adventure touring bike outfitted with a Rekluse clutch while working on the rider recovery team at the Indianapolis MotoGP event. I had never ridden a bike with a Rekluse before and I was very impressed with how slowly i could ride the big 990 while hauling MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 riders, who had crashed, back through crowds of fans. The ability to creep through the crowds without having to worry about fanning the clutch to maintain a slow speed or worry about stalling the bike while hauling a world class rider on the back was impressive. I returned from working the event with a hope to be able to purchase a Rekluse for my 2003 KTM 640 Adventure and also one for my 2009 Husky TE 310. However, I learned that Rekluse stopped making one for the KTM when they discontinued the bike and I can't seem to find one in stock anywhere in the US. In addition, Rekluse tells me that their support for the TE 310 started in 2011. However, I've read a few references to guys having a Rekluse in their Red Head TE 310s, so I'm wondering if anyone can provide me with specifics on which clutch to order and also on which clutch cover to purchase as I understand that a deeper clutch cover is necessary to clear the Rekluse. Any help would be appreciated... Jeff
  12. TripleThreat719

    Joining the Husky Fold

    Rode about 60 miles today. Everything from tight single track with multiple logs jumps, double track, gravel with water crossings to pavement. This is an unbelievable bike. In my mixed riding conditions today I got 45 MPG, so I figure I should have a max of about 85 miles on a tank. Had a great day!
  13. TripleThreat719

    Joining the Husky Fold

    Got her all loaded up ready for the ride home... Tucked in for the night. Taking her out later today for the first shakedown...
  14. TripleThreat719

    Joining the Husky Fold

    Very excited to be picking up a 2009 Husky TE 310 on the 21st, so I thought I'd drop in and introduce myself. I'll probably be lurking around learning as much as I can. Started riding as a kid at the age of 8 and have had several motorcycles throughout my life. The most recent set of exploits saw me riding a pair of 2006 Triumph Daytona 675s. One was a street bike and the other a dedicated track bike. I sold the street bike a year ago and purchased a 2003 KTM 640 Adventure in preparation for a 30 day trip to Alaska that was supposed to happen last summer, but my brother, who was going to join me on his TE 610, was unable to make the trip. We did do the TWAT last summer, which was a lot of fun. I elected to start a doctoral program in educational administration, so that trip to Alaska will have to wait until after I finish my dissertation in a couple of years. Given the time commitment of this program, and the fact that the majority of the tracks I like to ride - Barber Motorsports Park, Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, Autobahn Country Club, Grattan Raceway and Gingerman Raceway are all significant drives for me that require a major commitment of time, I opted to sell the track bike and it gets shipped to the new owner on Monday. I took the big KTM to two AMA Dual Sport Series events last year. The Buffalo 500 at Stoney Lonesome Motorcycle Club near Columbus, Indiana and to the LBL 200. While the big KTM is a very capable bike, wrestling that big pig around in the woods in the technical stuff wears me out! I'm looking forward to returning to those events this year on a lightweight weapon... Ultimately, I just decided that I would have much more fun and have more opportunity to ride if I had a lightweight woods bike capable of getting me from trail to trail on the street when necessary, so I honed in on the TE 310. Found a low mileage, well set up one in Michigan and will be picking it up the day after my birthday! WOOT!