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  1. GP Moto

    2015 yz450f setup help

    He means drilling the internal floating piston above the base valve. The big plastic piston that holds the ICS spring. It's common to remove the upper o-ring and drill holes in the sides of the piston to prevent it from breaking.
  2. GP Moto

    N10Z valves

    Guys, I'm joking. I'm Monk's "tuner" as he calls me. I have been valving suspension for just over five years now. I ride and race on a regular basis and am lucky enough to have the knowledge of Ian McKill from Riders Edge Suspension to call on whenever needed. At GP moto we revalve 60-80 sets of suspension a year and have a dedicated 5 man off road race team to test and tune our work on a selection of different brands of bikes. We are a small, young shop (3 people aged 36, 23 and 24) and are definitely passionate about what we do. It's funny that Hans deems it necessary to take a little poke at me like that, I usually don't bite the hand that feeds, but it's his opinion and he is certainly 100% entitled to it.
  3. GP Moto

    N10Z valves

    ..."FAR from the most experienced....." Because 20 years experience is the only requirement and only way you'll ever get a good setup from a suspension tuner. No way anyone can put a good setup in a bike with only 5 years under their belt.
  4. GP Moto

    best front tire

    When I sell GoldenTyre GT216AAHB 90/100-21 to customers I tell them if after their firsdt ride, if it isn't the best tire they've ever ran, I'll refund their money 100% I've never had to give anyone their money back. Oh, and I have recently purchased all the remaining GoldenTyre GT216AAHB front tires in North America. So, if you would like to equip your bike with the best tire in the motorcycle industry, drop me a line. Shipping to US is no problem. geoff@gpmoto.ca
  5. Speedboot you are correct. KTM Canada confirmed via email: "Hi, they usually always have 2 suppliers for parts like this to prevent long delays, I saw that to the other day As a piston came in and it was in a CP box, if you look it should have a KTM seal closing the box. Thanks" I have yet to replace a piston in a 13+ 350 so this is news to me. good info.
  6. Vertex produces OEM pistons for KTM.
  7. Great thread. Lots of info. Just remember, everyone has different needs as a rider. The 523 is a great tire and is still one of my favorites in the GoldenTyre lineup. I would have to say the most well rounded tire in their catalog is the GT240. It handles deep mud well, wears very well and loves rocks, roots and logs. It's only weakness is hardpack logging road type situations, it can be a little "drifty...."
  8. I have a box of stock base valves for all sorts of WP, Zoch, Showa and KYB. What's your address, I can send you as many as you like
  9. GP Moto

    Stiffer springs = plusher ride?

    Make sure you guys are having your springs tested too. Just cause it says .47 on the box or on the spec sheet, doesn't mean that's what they really are. Any reputable suspension shop will have/use a tester like an Intercomp spring tester.
  10. GP Moto

    Not sure what to do

    That's right. But you don't know how much the rider weighed, what type/skill level he was, what type of bike he rode, what rate springs were in it, wether it had a bladder or not, stock primary piston? Stock secondary? Pro Action pistons......? So sure, I'll post the shim stacks. Just not sure what good they'll do you. Funny you put that little action figure of a guy beating a head against a wall, yet that's how educated suspension tuners feel sometimes when uneducated people only ask for half the information they should be...
  11. GP Moto

    Not sure what to do

    OK, I REALLY don't want this to come across the wrong way, but may I ask who you are and your reasoning for this? I'm OK with doing it, but like I said, I don't want to piss off anyone at Pro Action. Technically, it's their information. Well, I guess technically speaking they sold it to the gentleman they installed it on, but, well you know what I mean. Anyways, if you want the stacks for yourself to analyze and make your mind up, I'll PM them to you, or if you are someone who works at Pro Action, and in some way I have upset you, feel free to call me at my shop and we can discuss it. 778-471-5995
  12. To my knowledge, the Vortex box would be required to modify/retard ignition timing nit you plan on running race fuel, this is HIGHLY recommended. One of the most important things you can do for engine life is retard the overall timing. Race gas is a different beast than Pump gas and needs to be respected/treated differently. I would contact someone at VP if this is the reason for your inquiry. If fuel mapping is your desired end result, I would think a Bazzaz could piggyback a Vortex box, but this has not been verified by Bazzaz. I will email Ron Thibedeaux at Bazzaz and find out.
  13. GP Moto

    Not sure what to do

    First thing I would do with a WP shock is put a bladder kit in it. First of all, again I'm not tryin to sound like a Rider's Edge salesman, but Ian's bladder kits have been tested on a dyno and have proven to decrease shock temperature by 50 degrees. Second, a bladder helps to take the hit out of square edge bumps. It reacts quicker/easier than a piston style reservoir. Bang for your buck it's a must do. It also makes your shock WAY easier to service. Ian's bladder kits are only $170. On the Pro Action side of things, I just had an 08 KTM300 in my shop two weeks ago than had been revalves by Pro Action in Calgary. The shock, they had only reworked the shim stacks on the stock pistons and did a very odd job at that. The shock had an older style Langston racing progressive spring on it that didn't fit properly and had aggresively rubbed/chaffed the shock body badly. It looked nasty. The forks had the base valve replaced to the Pro Action valve which is a bit dated to be polite. Suspension has evolved so much in the last 15 years, yet the Pro Action valves seem to have remained unchanged. They have tiny ports which are super restrictive. This results in high speed harshness as no matter how light a shim stack you put on it, the piston restricts the flow. Biggest thing to remember when thinking about suspension, is you only know the best you have ridden. If you've only ever had sub par suspension, you're gonna say that's the sweetest suspension you've ever ridden. Even if there's way better out there. I highly recommend talking with different riders Nd different suspension tuners before spendin your money. If they're not willing or able to explain how and why their suspension works and why it's better/worse than others, I would keep looking. Ian has separate pistons for Woods racing, motocross, base valves and mid valves for forks, primary and secondary pistons for WP shocks as well as he rigorously tests springs to verify their rates before Installing them. You wouldn't believe how many boxes of .48 fork springs you have to test sometimes to actually get .48's. Anyways, I don't want this to come across as me slamming Chris or anyone at Pro Action. They have their way of tuning things and I have my ideas of how things should be set up. It all works, just some handle different aspects of riding better others.
  14. Just re-mapped a 2011 KTM 250 with an FMF Ti Megabomb/4.1 system on the dyno. Made 2.8 hp just from re-mapping. That's not just a peak number, that was right across the RPM range. Bazzaz ZFi. Best fuel module out there. Period. http://www.bazzaz.net/bz1/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&category_id=29&Itemid=181
  15. I HIGHLY recommend the Bazzaz ZFi box with AFM. It's extremely easy to use and offers no BS fuel mappping. Basically pick your desired AF ratio and go. Completely tuneable for any engine mods. Make adjustments at any throttle opening and any RPM by +/- 200% fuel over oem map. check out: http://www.bazzaz.net/bz1/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&category_id=29&Itemid=181