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  1. Not sure where to get the tires but everyone around here runs 12"s. They are probably scooter tires, they arent slicks.
  2. Hi Im trying to find a cheap alternative to my 17" wheels for supermoto. i want to try 12"'s. Will xr50 or crf50 wheels fit. I found wheels with either 15mm or 12mm bearings.
  3. You really dont need a 5 speed for supermoto unless its a really big track.
  4. How can I tell if my swingarm is the short or long one? Mine is setup for supermoto with 17" wheels. I dont know what size wheels came stock.
  5. Wouldnt tranny fluid last longer? It goes 100,000 miles in a car? I think the auto trannies have clutch packs that are simular to ours.