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  1. I dont see why we have to argue about what we ride after our quads break down
  2. 5:1 but instead of water use bleach
  3. A mixture of bleach, super clean, and metal etching fluid should get the job done if you can survive the toxic gases that are produced
  4. He could also just be appealing to the poor folks with arithmophobia...
  5. overweight = chest protector
  6. Ryan Dungey really let himself go
  7. Super Clean, pressure washer, and a course paint brush will do the trick every time
  8. i got the same boots and i have more issues buckling them than unbuckling them
  9. solicitation mainly
  10. look on youtube for the videos of when they used to race the cr 500s in MX. if you are not shredding like them in 3 months i will be dissapointed
  11. what did it smell like? sweet? like antifreeze?
  12. try not starting your bike while its in gear
  13. Well he did backflip a bigwheel, the suspension on those arent exactly up to snuff
  14. It can also cause cancer if you aren't careful. Just Say No
  15. lets not take it to an extreme and just find the center of gravity of you and the bike all together instead of coming up with useless things to say:smirk: