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    Dads/Moms that ride/race

    I have road cross county races for many years with my boys. Most of the time when they were young, the boys raced on Saturday, then I raced on Sunday. Once they turned 15 years old, they could line up on the same row with Dad, and race an enduro. That my friends is alot of FUN. The older they got, the faster they got. Now for HS's and GNCC's, they ride the AA and 250 A class. So I have become the pit man for the boys at these races. They roll in, I gas them, my wife hands them goggles and a drink and they are gone in about 10 seconds. The boys and I still line up on the same row and ride enduros together. Would not trade those memories and the time we enjoy together racing for anything.
  2. E T

    finaly BLUE! YZ250

    Here is a spec sheet from the Yamaha AM-PRO racing team for the YZ250's. I have built 2 2007 YZ250's that my boys race in GNCC's, Enduros, and HS's. I didn't make all these changes, but used it as a guide to build the best bikes I could afford. They ride them in the AA and 250 A classes. These are the best bikes we have built in years. YZ 250 Spec Sheet Exhaust: FMF Gnarly Pipe, Stock Silencer w/ring cut out ($230) Radiators: Stock w/Zip Ty waterless coolant ($23.95) Graphics: HBD Motografx ($199.00 full kit) Water pump: Stock Handlebars: Pro-Taper CR-HI EVO ($89.99) Grips: Pro-Taper ($9.99) Hand Protection: Fastway Version 1 System ($179.95) Carb: Stock Jetting Specs: Stock Ignition: Stock w/9 oz Fywheel Weight Reeds: Stock Clutch: Rekluse CORE EXP Clutch w/cover ($899.00) Brakes: Stock w/EBC pads and fluid, rear brake pedal has brake snake installed ($10.95) Engine Lubricant: Yamalube 2R Transmission Oil: Yamalube Trans Oil Plus Cables- Stock Head: Stock Transmission: Stock Cylinder: Stock Rear Wheel: Stock w/stock disc, Zip-Ty Wheel Spacers ($34.95) Front Wheel: Stock w/stock disc, Zip-Ty Wheel Spacers ($34.95) Airbox: Stock Air Filter: Stock Skid Plate: None Gearing: Stock w/stock sprockets Chain: Stock Chain adjusters: Zip-Ty Racing ($98.95) Piston: Stock Triple Clamps: Stock Stabilizer: GPR version 1 w/bolt on post ($450.00) Suspension: Stock w/Factory Connection valving ($550.00) Disc Protection: Stock Oil Drain Plug: Zip-Ty Racing ($19.95) Footpegs: Fastway w/spike cleats and KFMS bolt welded ($129.95) Tires: Kenda Washougal Sticky Front ($79.95) and Rear ($110.00) Tubes: Kenda HD Tubes Plastic: Stock Fuel Tank: IMS 3.2 w/Dry Break and Raines Racing Billet Dust cover (Tank-$274.95, Receiver-$220.56, Billet Cover $39.95) Axles: Stock
  3. E T

    Am I cheaping out on a chain?

    Been using Parts Unlimited brand chains for years. A 520 116 length standard chain will run you about 23 dollars. Just bought one this week for $22.95. It will go on my 450. For racing, we use their heavy duty or X ring chains. Those will be about 35 dollars and 48 dollars. You can get these through any parts unlimited dealer. You can also get Parts unlimited sprokets. We use there steel sprokets. Great prices and they last just as long as any of the other major brand names. They have served us well for offroad racing for over 10 years now. We have run them in enduro's, GNCC's, MX, etc. Never had a failure. These are AA and 250A riders using them. No complaints from them and we have saved a lot of $$$ over the years.
  4. My parents got me a bike, but it was trail riding only. Absolutly no racing. So years later when I could afford everything, I started back riding and went straight to racing. When my 2 boys came along, I started them both on bikes at a early age. They both love it. I have spent a small fortune on bikes and racing over the last 20+ years, but I would not trade those memories for nothing. I still ride a few races in the 50+ B class and my boys are now AA and 250A racers. Both have their AMA A cards. I still support them and cover a lot of the racing expenses. I buy the parts. The boys do all the maintenance and wrenching. Taught them both to be excellent mechanics. On race weekends, we load the bikes, pack the camper, and me, my wiffe, the boys, and now girl friends, head to the races. Its a family affair for us. They all pitch in and do their part. Even the girl friends if they want to go. Nothing better than being able to line up on a row with my boys at a national enduro and race together. Great memories and lots of fun !!!!!!!
  5. All 3 of them sound like grenades to me. If you are planning on racing them hard, you better have some deep pockets. 250F's that old, raced hard, are all going to blow sooner or later. You would be bettter off keeping your 450 or getting a 250 2T to race.
  6. E T

    How to make a YZ450F trail-ready

    First thing I changed on my 09 was the rear sprocket. I run 13/51. That is good for the woods here in the southeast. But I occasionally still stall it. My next purchase is going to be the Revloc Dynaring Auto clutch. Its about half the price of the recluse. Guarenteed no stall and you can still use the clutch in certain situations. If it works as good as advertised, my 09 YZ 450F will be the perfect woods bike then.
  7. E T

    Why KTM over others??

    Glad you liked the 06-07 KTM's Mega. But I got to say, they were not on my favorites list. I know a lot of guys that rode them well and really liked them. We just never could get them to handle like we wanted. I guess we are just partial to the stretched out, linkaged suspended bikes. KX250's, GASGAS250's, YZ250's. They just all rode better to me. I ride and race a 09 YZ450F now. For a 50+ B rider, it is a good bike. I still have to say, the 03 GASGAS250 is probably my most favorite woods race bike of all time.
  8. Here in the southeast, good used 2T's are really holding their value. 09 YZ250's will sell for 3700 to 4400 depending on condition. Bought an 07 YZ250 recently for 2750. That was a good deal, it was in excellent condition. You just got to be patient. In our area it does seem like the demand for good 2T's has gone up, and they seem to be getting more $$$ for them. On the other hand, a used 250F, demand is low and you have to about give them away.
  9. E T

    Why KTM over others??

    Here is my opinion on KTM's and several bikes. This comes from my years of experience keeping me and my 2 boys racing several offraod series. The boys put 100's of hours on bikes a year and are hard on them. 03-06 We rode GASGAS 200 and 250's. Probably the best handling woods bikes we ever rode. Great 2T motors. Suspension was perfect from the factory. Parts were expensive and hard to get though, especially if you needed parts fast. I still ride enjoy riding my 03 GG250DE. 06-08 We rode KTM 200 and 250's. Great 2T motors. Probably the easiest and best designed bike to maintain and work on. 07 200's had terrible clutch baskets. In 07, we could not get a replacement clutch basket. Missed 2 races. Worst factory suspension of all bikes we rode. Took several times and lots of $$ to get it right. High speed head shake real bad. Stabilizers were a must. I am very interested in the new 2T's with linkage suspension and E starts though. If the suspension is better, they sure look tempting. 08-10 We rode YZ250F and 450F's. Great bikes. But 4T motors and fast young boys do not go together unlerss you have factory backing or major $$$$. Blown motors and rebuilds almost put us out of racing. 10-11 Built 2 AM-PRO YZ250's for the boys. Strong and reliable bikes. Can get parts fast, anywhere and at reasonable prices. Only took 1 time to get the suspension revalved and setup up perfect. Probably the best move I have made over the years to put my boys on good/dependable race bikes that are affordable.
  10. 2007 YZ 250 got 2 of these, great race bikes 2003 GASGAS 250 rides like a dream in the woods 2003 GASGAS 200 2001 KDX220 old faithful
  11. E T

    Randy Hawkins 2004 YZ250

    It really was not a lot of changes. IMS tanks, dry breaks, pipes, silencers, gearing, FW weights, Rekluse, handlebars, footpegs, etc. The biggest and best change they make is SUSPENSION !!!! The YZ 250 has plenty of power for offraod use. Good suspension and control is the key to being able to stay on the gas.
  12. E T

    Randy Hawkins 2004 YZ250

    The AM-PRO YZ's that Randy, Barry, and Jason Raines rode were fantastic and bullet proof bikes. After spending a small fortune and still blowing up YZF 4T race bikes, Randy looked at me one day and said, put those boys back on the YZ 2 strokes. They will ride just as good as any 4T's and will not break your racing budget. I'll give you the spec sheets on how we built our AM-PRO YZ's. A couple months later, I had 2 tricked out YZ250's. It was the best move I ever made. They are fantastic race bikes and the boys are riding them well. Long live the YZ 250's !!!!!
  13. E T

    Value of 2003 YZ250?

    Here in the southeast, you basically got to give away a used 250 F 4 stroke. But the prices on good clean 2 strokes is definitely going up. Seems alot of the woods riders are going back to the 2 T bikes. Just this week, my local dealer told me he was doing everything he could to get his hands on some new YZ250's. He said alot of the woods guys had been in lately shopping for new YZ250's. None of them wanted another 4 T.
  14. E T

    Columbia SC area riders?

    There are alot of guys in the Lexinton/Gilbert area that ride. I am in Gilbert. I shot you a PM with some info. I know how tuff finding time to ride can be with kids. The good thing for me was that both my boys loved to ride too. I have spent a fortune over the years going through bikes, campers, and racing. But it kept us together as a family and I would not trade those years for nothing. Nothing better than being able to line up on the same row at an enduro and go racing with with my boys. All those years I spent waiting on them, now they wait on me !!!!
  15. E T

    Columbia SC area riders?

    You need to join the Columbia Enduro Riders. We hosted the Sandlapper National Enduro this year and will be putting on another enduro and a harescramble for the 2011 SETRA season. Some of the guys race, some dual sport, others just enjoy trail riding. But we always have a great time hosting and laying out these events. Some of our guys are always riding somewhere every weekend. Which side of town you located ?