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  1. Looking for the float level specs for a 1997 Yamaha XT350. Also interested in the method to use when checking the float level. Thanx.
  2. xt350roller

    1997 xt350 ignition timing

    Just curious. Is it possible to manually set ignition timing using a timing light on a 1997 xt 350. Pure stock and bike runs great. Just wondering if its possible to check and/or adjust timing. I know.....if it ain't broke......
  3. On my 97 XT350 there is a bolt sticking from the back of the Cam Chain Tensioner which is obviously tooooooo long. My question concerns the function of this bolt. Since there is a torque spec for this bolt does it have a function other than keeping dirt out or does it maintain pressure on the tensioner internals. If it maintains tension on the tensioner internals should I get the correct bolt (to insure bolt is correct length) or can I cut one down that I already have rather than get the factory bolt. Thanx
  4. xt350roller

    Air Filter Oil & Motor Oil - XT350

    Good info from all. Thanx.
  5. Cleaned the air filter in my 97 XT350 and cannot find in Haynes manual what type of oil to use on air filter. Anybody ever use the Marvel Mystery oil on the air filter? Also, any recomendations on a good motor oil to use in the motor?
  6. xt350roller

    Noisy 1997 XT 350

    I've had my XT350 for about a month, as of now no complaints. Remember, the XT350 has only kick start. It's got tons of torque and due to the basically solid lifter motor it is noisy. What you see is what you get. It's not a dirt bike and it's not a street bike, it's a fun bike. I'll probably have this XT for quite a while. I've even taken it on a campimg trip. GOOD LUCK...
  7. xt350roller

    Noisy 1997 XT 350

    As of right now I got this machine in GWO. Any thoughts on droppring a tooth or 2 on the back sprocket in order to reduce rpm for back road use.
  8. xt350roller

    Noisy 1997 XT 350

    Thanks for the info. Concerning the timing chain tensioner, there is a bolt in it that obviously is the wrong one but it works. The problem is that the one in there now is tooooo long. Is there any reason I should get the correct bolt and put it in?
  9. xt350roller

    Noisy 1997 XT 350

    When I bought it the decompress was unhooked. I hooked it back up a as soon as I find out the adjustment I will adjust. Thanks for joining the 70% telling me it's o.k. The bike is fun to ride even for my 62 year old bones.
  10. xt350roller

    2000 XT350 Info Wanted

    Picked up a 97 xt350 and so far so good. Take it to races and it sure beats walking. Can buzz into town for supplies and cut thru the woods on way to town. Can carry 2 large dudes (lol) at 230 each with no problem. So far happy here.
  11. xt350roller

    Noisy 1997 XT 350

    Just got a 1997 XT 350 with 5600 miles. Seems to be alot of top end clatter. The bike starts usually 2 kicks. Guaged valves and they are right on. Went to some bike races and 70% of the people I asked indicated not to worry, the 350's were noisy. It's the 30% that roused my couriosity. Been spraying Yamaha combustion cleaner in motor for 2 weeks as per Yamaha dealer. In fact the Yamaha dealer took a look and indicated the noise was no big deal. I'm just looking for some advice to relieve my concern as well as some possible remedies. Actually one fella told me to get concerned when it quits making noises.