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  1. cz452

    dr 600 old snotter

    ITS ALIVE ripped it all apart again stripped carb incase I missed something, took all the jets out again to clean them full can of carb cleaner through every orrifice. checked the pumper part was all free and facing the right way all looking good so far. so not to rule out the electrics I disconected every plug I could see and sprayed wd40 in them making sure they weren't green. this is when I noticed some fresh looking electrical tape, unwraped it there were 2 wires that were just wraped together followed them both back to the coil! soldered these up taped them up nice and neat and put it back together. kicked it over a few times and it fired up quick squirt down the road front wheel up all good. thanx for all your help
  2. cz452

    Is this carb any good?

    Yeah post it to me
  3. cz452

    dr 600 old snotter

    main and pilot are clear float seems right cuts fuel off just before it overflows as for the air screw played a little but put it back where it was. got a service manual in german that with the help of babel fish I am slowly translating as for the front end that can wait till its running right
  4. cz452

    dr 600 old snotter

    had another tinker and can get it to start within first couple of kicks but still dying when the throttle is opened quick if you very slowly open the throttle it picks up this happens in neutral as well as when its in gear im sure its fuel related but im missing something some where
  5. cz452

    dr 600 old snotter

    its an 85 model air filter is clean spark seems good it seems fine at higher revs just flat lower revs (no rev counter)
  6. cz452

    dr 600 old snotter

    just picked an old snotter dr600 it been stood a while so took the plugs out cleaned them up there all working. well took the carb off dropped float bowl off cleaned it all up but not that bad took jets out made sure they all clear check float levels blown it all out with an airline. got it all back together and after a while it kicked up problem is it miss under load so anyone got any ideas to point me in the right direction