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  1. Earle

    New Fender on 2007

    Hello, I was wondering if a new style (2009-2011) front fender and number plate will bolt directly on my 2007 with out any modifications. Is the rear fender completely different or is interchangeable? Thank You for any help, Earle
  2. Earle

    KX450 Tripple Clamp Problems...

    Anybody want to buy a nice brand new set of KX clamps for A kit forks?
  3. I purchased a billet triple clamp on E-Bay for my 2007 KX450 about a year ago. I am in the process of installing new for seals so I was going to install the new set of clamps. I went to slide the forks into the clamp and it is like throwing a hot dog down a hall way. The clamps are way too big for my fork tubes. Clamp Measures aprox. 2.29" on top and 2.40" on lower bore. Forks measure aprox. 2.12" top and 2.33" lower. I do not know much about after market dirt bike parts. My question is: is this clamp for over size forks or for a different year than my bike or just a screw up from the manufacture? Thank You, Earle