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  1. n74740

    What's a Duke worth?

    Well, I went to buy this Duke and I wound up with a lot more! Somehow I walked away with everything in the pic, trailer and all, for $3k!!
  2. n74740

    What's a Duke worth?

    Thanks, that makes me feel pretty good. I'm getting it for not only less than 3k, but less than 2k! I read somewhere that for 96 only 500 were brought to the US so they are kind of hard to come by it seems.
  3. Came across a 1996 Duke for sale and curious what it's worth realistically. Blue book says about $1800 trade in and $2700 retail. Bike is in good shape with just under 8K miles. Has the Dellorto carb and FMF exhaust, otherwise stock.
  4. Well, you guys were a little slow to respond! haha. Already bought the bike. Got it for $1400 and the guy threw in a set of 80/20 tires in addition to the knobbies already on it, extra sprocket, oil filters, air filter, etc. As far as starting, so far it starts on the first kick or two. It has the dellorto carb on it. Would love to upgrade to a FCR, but don't really want to pay almost half what I paid for the whole bike for one. Mostly will probably use it for street. Would be nice to have one with the magic button, but for 1400 bucks I don't think I can go wrong.
  5. Here's a question for the LC4 gurus. IF a person had the stator covers, stator, gears, starter, etc off of a '97 LC4 with electric start, could that be swapped onto a '95 without it? Thanks in advance.
  6. A guy has a 1995 LC4 620 with 8k miles for sale. He says it has an aftermarket speedo, supertrapp exh., and comes with knobbies and dual sport tires. He's asking $1600. I've owned 2 stroke KTMs but never played with the 4 strokes. I'd like to have a dual sport. Questions I have are: is this a good deal, good model year, any inherent problems with these, anything in particular I should look out for if I go look at it, do these start reliably (kick only)?? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.