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    03 525 cutting out after 2 mins running

    It does have a very diluted mix with coolant,just because of where it is stored??
  2. Have an 03 525 with big bore 540 kit and full doma exhaust...bike will start no problem from cold but will cut out after 2mins of tickover,takes a lot of kicking to get it to fire again and won't hold revs just cuts out. Have stripped carb and cleaned,removed breathers and tank cap to see if it makes a difference,valve clearances also checked...Anybody else had a problem like this???
  3. :banghead:need some help please... have an 03 525 with 540 big bore kit and full Doma system...bike wil start no problem from cold but will cut out after 2 mins of tick over,takes a lot of kicking to fire again and wont hold revs just cuts out again.Have had carb off stripped and cleaned,valve clearances checked, removed breathers and fuel cap and made no difference??? Has anybody else had similiar problems??