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  1. jazzy jeff

    97 xr80 question about my carb...

    okay so my bike will start right up with the choke bar in the up position, as soon as i lower it even a tiny little bit the thing shuts right off. ????? ive cleaned the carb, ive blown air through the entire thing, ive even run a wire through the jet to see if its clogged.
  2. jazzy jeff

    carb maybe???

    okay, another stupid question... the choke on the carb, is it on when it is in the up position or the down.... my carb i way messed up and it doesnt seem to make a difference where i position it. the bike will start and run when the choke lever is up but as soon as i put it down it dies.
  3. jazzy jeff

    carb maybe???

    I kinda figured that was gonna be everyones response... when you say the float is stuck open, does that mean its stuck in the down position or its stuck floating to the top?
  4. jazzy jeff

    carb maybe???

    the float bowl fills up almost instantly and starts over flowing all over the place when i turn the fuel on... is this a carb issue or a fuel petcock issue?