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  1. my 98 big bear 350 starts cutting out at half throttle carb is clean it helps alittle if i run choke on half but not much i have moved needle both ways and does not seem to help starts and idles fine to half throttle can anyone give me some help thanks
  2. jamiek234

    yzf 426

    just bought it was runing that away i dont know much about the fcr is the top knob the choke are the hot start
  3. jamiek234

    yzf 426

    i have a 2001 yzf 426 on a 450yfz chassis it has a fcr carb and i cannot get it to idle. anything below 1800 rpms and it dies no vaccum leaks carb is clean changing jets does not seem to help runs good 1/4 to wide open wt some popping on decel thanks for any help