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  1. Looking to put a lighter set of wheels on the ttr 125 big wheel.....tried BBR but looks as if they do not cary them any longer. Can anyone recommend and good site or co.?
  2. Right now im unsure of what I may changes on the rear suspension set up. Has anyone added the YZ85 rear supension swingarm w/ shock to a ttr 125?
  3. I was thinking the yz85 may work so a buddy is going to ship me a yz85 shock and we will see? Anyone have any input on this?
  4. Coversion went very well. Thanks for all the info gained from posts made the process very simplified. BTW....hear of using a ttr225 rear shock to level out ride height. Has anyone used this? Thanks!
  5. Anyone know if a 2004 YZ85 fork will fit with a 2000 ttr 125?