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  1. gagauz

    KDX 220 carb help

    I need help identifing the 2 screws for tuning. Since i dont have the manual and havent found anything searching. Theres one that has a rubberized tip near the throttle cable and the other one by the air boot entrance. Thanks for assistance. 1. Which one do i use to richen? 2. Also my bike dies quickly at idle (hot and cold), i think i need to increase the idle speed, which screw do i use?
  2. gagauz

    Tire advice

    Ive found a great deal on Maxxis M6001, for around $80, reviews said theyre durable and a great all around tire
  3. gagauz

    Tire advice

    Im on a budget, this bike is gonna be my brothers next year. I just need something so I can run the HS to get a used to them. How well do they perform in the mud and what are you running in the rear?
  4. gagauz

    Tire advice

    just picked up stock 220, still running stock 739's. Took it out and the tires were crap. Need some advice, im going to hare scramble it this fall. Need tires that wont pack mud in the from for muddy situations, but dont want anything too soft. The rears just need something that will dig in. I have a chance to pick up some dunlop 745 fronts for $40, how well will they hold up in the mud?
  5. gagauz


    I picked it up needs some work though. The frame needs to be repainted bc of surface rust. I have to push start it bc the guy cut the starter shaft with a plasma cutter put his own bolt in there and busted the whole thing. Now I need to find a new shaft bc of that. Also I have to keep on the throttle bc it dies when i release the throttle. What could be some issues. Also the most important question, where can I download a service manual. Thanks
  6. gagauz


    Im looking into a woods bike. Im 190lbs and 6'0". Im looking at a 380SX. I know these are rare, and i found one for a deal, dont want to miss out. I know its a MX bike, what will I have to do to make it into a competitive woods and hare scrambler? Also what clues should I look for that the engine needs a rebuild, hear its expensive to replace the bottom end.