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  1. Hello all Sorry for the stupid question, but I'm currently rebuilding a 95 kx250. What octane fuel. I was using 86 octane pump gas and 32:1 MC-1 synthetic oil. FMF Fatty/Power core 2 Pipe and silencer some sort of Carbon fiber reeds. My jets are currently 45 pilot and 160 main on the second position for the needle. Its my first 2 stroke, and I'm not looking to race. I'd rather have a semi reliable woods bike. Waiting for this rebuild kit is killing me. Thanks again
  2. bschwegman

    Help with lack of low end

    New total top end rebuild kit is in the mail. I guess I'm going to do this right. I pulled the cylinder, and my exhaust valve was nasty. It was by far the dirtiest mechanical job I've ever done. After I pulled the exhaust covers from the cylinder it took three cans of carb cleaner to even start identifing what stuff was. The cylinder is clean with the ID coated with premix, and patiently waiting on my workbench. I cleaned most of the parts, but I can't get all of the carbon off of the steel valve parts. They are curntly soaking in carb cleaner overnight. If anyone has a neat tip for cleaning these that would be great. Also how do you clean the 20mm ish holes that the drum/ sproket/ rotary girters mount into? I don't know how 2 stroke valves work, but this one could not have. Thanks for the help so far.
  3. bschwegman

    Help with lack of low end

    I know that 120 is low, but I didn't want to rebuild the top end untill next season. I don't have a lot of time to ride this summer.
  4. bschwegman

    Help with lack of low end

    Forgot to mention that my ridding type is Woods, and I live in Indiana where it is about 90 deg F and humid right now. Thanks again
  5. bschwegman

    Help with lack of low end

    Hello, I'm working on my first 2-stroke, and I have a lot of learning to do. First off bike specs 95 kx250 Pilot: 45 Main: 158 Needle: 4th position(as in 4th from top, Cylmer guide recomendation) Air Screw: 1.5 turns out Head Pipe: FMF Fatty Silencer: FMF Power core 2 Reeds: I don't know, but they are carbon fiber and they look new Compression: about 120psi I got this bike from a friend who knew nothing about it. I put on the pipes, cleaned up the carb, new handlebars, fuel tank, and some plastic. It runs, but it feels like it has no low rev power. The power band feels like it hits in full force at 3/4 throttle, and trys to spit me off of the back of the bike. Also my float bowl likes to leak a little if I leave the fuel on. I think I'm close to having a fun toy to play with, but I need some sugestions for dialing in this carb. Thanks in advance Ben