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  1. Todd34

    Seering stabilizers

    GPR has unbelievable customer service. If it breaks or anything goes wrong, all you have to do is send it back to them. All it costs you is shipping to them.
  2. Todd34

    Sunday around San Diego-ish...?

    It snowed here in Temecula too!
  3. Todd34

    bike carriers

    I have a two bike Joe Hauler for sale in the the parts section.
  4. Todd34

    Jawbone/mojave conditions?

    Jawbone rocks!!!! I just rode it for the first time today and we had a blast. NO DUST! The rain made the dirt wonderful!
  5. Todd34

    A street sunday 10/17

    Flynall, Man, I wish I knew you guys were still going this morning. I sat at the computer watching the posts pop up with people bailing out, and I didn't see anyone except Drzdog say they were still going to ride. Sounds like you had a blast. We sure did. The dirt was great. Drzdog, I had a great time riding with you today. No, I didn't wash my bike yet, so I'm sure it will be a pain tomorrow. I had to get cleaned up to go to dinner with the Inlaws after I got back.
  6. Todd34

    A street sunday 10/17

    You guys missed out! We had a good ride. The dirt was nice and best of all, no dust on the trails!!!! There were hardly and other bikes back by the lake and we did a lot of hillclimbs. I parked on the edge near the entrance and now I know why we parked by the trees last time. There were Quadiots drag racing back and forth, back and forth. The only dust we saw was from the drag racing going on while I was loading the bike. Only a few of them had helmets or gear on. Even had a guy go by doing a long wheelie on a Gixer, on the paved road out of there. It was quite a zoo! Great conditions though!
  7. Todd34

    A street sunday 10/17

    It's sunny here from the West but there are still DARK clouds everywhere else. It hasn't actually been raining for a couple hours. If I don't go soon I'll get roped into making a mirror for our dining room! She is already taking measurements for the frame and calling mirror companies!!!!!
  8. Todd34

    A street sunday 10/17

    Well, if anyone wants to go later give me a call. 951-551-3859
  9. We're getting plenty of it in Temecula!
  10. Todd34

    A street sunday 10/17

    So, who is still going? I'll certainly go if I know there will actually be someone there to ride with!!!!
  11. Todd34

    A street sunday 10/17

    We'll be there tomorrow. If Amy comes, we will probably ride on our own so we don't slow the group down again. I would say she is 50/50 at this point. If she doesn't come, I'll see you at the trees at 0830 rain or shine!!!!
  12. Todd34

    450 exc running lean

    Go for the JD jet kit. It is spot on!
  13. Is there anyone here that can write an effective form letter? I'll bet we could get a lot more people to send the guy email if it were as easy as cut and paste!
  14. Todd34

    Skid Plates

    I have a Flatland on my 04 and it has taken some abuse. It does the job well.