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  1. I fall in love with Dyna Ring, it looks that works really goods from the Revloc website and also has the option to bump start the engine.....that it's a great option with big thumpers.. It's cheaper than the Rekluse but of course the Rekluse offers a complete set with a lot of parts instead the Revloc offers only the Ring... I relly would like to heard impression of real buyer of this product.....probably i will buy a Dyna Ring for my bike next week.. Suggestions are welcome.....
  2. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pino
  3. Hi guys, I need to change my right rad so i decided to buy something better with more coolant capacity and i find the ASI in ebay with very good prices (US $125 r+l) but are made in China so i don't trust in the quality. Any experience out there?? Suggestion?? Thanks and good rides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pino:ride:
  4. Thanks, Now i have a better idea of what i want. I'll check ebay to see if there is some rekluse at razonable price.
  5. I forgot to ask you if with the EZ Rekluse you can bump start the bike as is possible with the Revloc. I think that is a great option....... saludos Pino
  6. Do you recommend the EZ Pro or the EXP??? The Exp looks like new technology with less part moving but i heard that in the wood the old EZ is better. I am little scary for all the things that i read about measurement and continuos checking that this sistem needs. What say your experience??? For the shippment no problem as i have an addrees in Florida to send the parts. Thanks Pino
  7. I would like to buy an auto clutch for my kx450f 07.......... Hi guys, I am new to this forum and i need some of your experience. I would like to buy a Revloc Dyna ring for my bike but, as i am not a millionaire, i would be pretty sure to buy the right clutch for me. What do you recommend Revloc, Rekluse or Efm? I am living in Costa Rica and i ride super technical and tough stuff especially during the rain Season were we have a LOT of super slippery mud. What you recommend? Any experience with this kind of bike??? I like Revloc for the price.......but i have open mind for suggestion. Thanks to all and good riding!!!!!!!!! Pino