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  1. mibeaty

    xr650r dual exhaust question

    supermotojunkie.com I think his name is xrmandu or something similar. He has a dual can BRP sumo and it is bad ass.
  2. mibeaty

    XR600 cush drive?

    I have over 1,000 street miles on a sumo xr650r, uncorked, with a kush sprocket. No signs of wear, no rubber coming out. It's great. Really takes alot of abuse. I am learning how to 'back it in' as they say.
  3. mibeaty

    FCR 41mm on XR650R

    Thanks for the heads up on the gas tank mod.
  4. mibeaty

    FCR 41mm on XR650R

    Motor side is 2.25", same as the OEM. I found a K&N tubular filter that will work. Remove airbox completely. This bike is sumo only. I will look for the Noss racing adapter. The SUDCO kit won't work. It has to be a different FCR model.
  5. mibeaty

    FCR 41mm on XR650R

    carb model/year 2008 Gen III (450 SXF type) Bore size 41 Check Vacuum Release plate OK Set slide height .052" Oversize the AC pump spray Nozzle .018" Check/test the AC pump check valves OK Check/test the AC pump start OK Check/test/Adjust/limit the pump duration 1 sec + or - Shim 2mm Check idle mixture screw tip ok Install aftermarket mixture screw has Check idle mixture screw O-ring, spring replaced Check float level/mark on bowl at top of FCR boss Pilot Jet 45 Clip position OBDVR retapered marked red 1 Jet Needle OBDVR retapered marked red Main jet 180
  6. mibeaty

    FCR 41mm on XR650R

    Had a KTM 525sx die on me. Carb is new Generation III FCR 41mm that was just massaged by KTM engine guru. I am thinking about putting it on an XR650R. Saw a Sudco Kit for $750? but can't figure out what would be in that kit to make it cost so much. I haven't calipered the air boots, but they look close enough to make it work. Yes on the rejet. Just wondering if there is anything else that would keep it from working as a bolt-on?
  7. mibeaty

    Loading an XRR for camping

    Nice photos. Thanks for sharing
  8. mibeaty

    xr650r question

    Have two XRR's now. Incredibly maintenance free. Consistent power and performance. Had a 1984 XL350R as a teenager. Seemed I was fiddling with the valves more, and it was harder on the oil. Have not owned a XRL, but I swear it is the exact same RFVC engine that the 350 had.
  9. mibeaty

    18x2.5 instead of 2.15 rear rim opinions??

    DID rim (OEM) calipers out very close to a 2.50. I tried a warp 9 2.15 wheel set up as a spare, and the same tire isn't nearly as square as on the DID
  10. mibeaty

    Thunking about selling out

    I have both. plated XRR sumo, non-plated XRR dirt and a KTM 525SX with an RFS engine. The honda's are just simply amazing. The KTM is also amazing, but spends alot of time on the work stand in the garage. RFS stands for Racing Four Stroke. 1.25 liters of oil doesn't last long in a hard working, high-revving four stroke. And it basically has 4 oil filters - two screens and two filters. The suspension is awesome on the KTM. Third gear throttle wheelies are not a problem. Probably is 50 pounds lighter than my BRP's. And I have been thinking about plating it, just for fun. But, it does seem to spend alot of time on the workstand.
  11. mibeaty

    KTM 50 Experts.

    Our 6 year old went through his Junior in about 3 months. on the SX, You can put the rear shock on the lower setting, slide the forks up and put washers in the exhaust or the smaller carb to tone it down. Shave the seat if you need it lower after that. Best money spent is on getting the suspension professionally setup for his weight. Powerband racing, TH racing. Amazing work, and if your son ever cases a jump, you will see where your money was well spent.
  12. mibeaty

    will crf 450 SM wheels fit on a xr?

    chain rub with the 5" rear?
  13. mibeaty

    What clutchplates for XRR?

    had good success with barnett and mobil 1 15w-50
  14. mibeaty

    why are supermoto rims smaller?

    How many of you with opinions here that DON"T race have run both?? Lets hear it. Haven't raced yet. Spend most of the time in the dirt with the boys, but I have gotten them a set of sumo wheels for their ktm 50's and 65's. So hopefully soon. Have two XR650R's. One with 17" Excels and the other Dirt / DOT knobbies. Both uncorked. Both fly. 17's feel MUCH more stable at speed on the road. You can't replace the contact patch on the front tire with anything that will fit on a 21" rim. I have oversized rotors on both bikes. Just safer, much more like something that isn't looking to pitch you in a panic grab from a little old lady who 'just didn't see you...' Spend the money and do it right.
  15. mibeaty

    why are supermoto rims smaller?

    contact patch.