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    eeny meeny miny mo...

    Hello thumper humpers:worthy:, I am having a mental breakdown:crazy:. I have found two bikes that I like but I cant decide which one to get. One is a 2004 Honda cr250 in mint condition, the other is a 2003 gasgas EC300. I ride trails exclusively and I know that the gasgas is built for that purpose, but I could easily throw a lighting kit and some other parts on the Honda. Please help me out and tell me which bike is better and why. I am 5'11, 160lbs. Thanks, Brent
  2. brentcorvette

    1986 CR500r

    Hello, I need a right case half for my 1986 CR500. Every website I have called says that they are discontinued, but I need one for my build.
  3. brentcorvette


    Hello, I have a 1986 CR500r with a cracked frame and I was wondering if I could mount my 86 motor into a 2001 CR500r frame? Thank you, Brent