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  1. 2004CRF230

    CRF230 before and after pics for the wife

    She is going to put some graphics on, or stickers. Got the plastics from Maier.
  2. 2004CRF230

    CRF230 before and after pics for the wife

    Thanks. The fork boots are going to be put back on when they come in, I had to order them and of course the first thing ordered is the last to show up. The wife was wanting to try out the power up kit so I put it back together so she could. The power up kit is did make a good difference, the previous owner did the exhaust without rejetting so it was popping on decel. Also the front wheel comes up easier, and it still pulls up top instead of falling flat (bland) midway threw the rpms.
  3. Well I bought my wife a Crf 230 to teach her to ride. In about 2 weeks she wanted to start changing stuff. The bike was pretty gut less when we bought it, the previous owner changed the exhaust without changing anything else. So I added the power up kit , took the snorkle out and took the baffle out of the intake. Heres before and after pics After