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  1. MichaelAngelo

    Blown fork seal (HELP)

    Thanks Roostman...much appreciated. M
  2. MichaelAngelo

    Blown fork seal (HELP)

    Can anyone help me find a place near the Sacramento area who will re-build my suspension? I am also wanting to re-valve at the same time. Michael I thought that there was a company who would send a box to you to put the tubes in.
  3. MichaelAngelo


    Hey!! where is the giggly stuff?
  4. MichaelAngelo

    TTR 125 (Sacramento) Brand new $2,000

  5. MichaelAngelo

    TTR 125 (Sacramento) Brand new $2,000

    Wife rode one time for about 45 min. send PM if interested Michael
  6. MichaelAngelo

    Anyone have a TTR-125 for sale?

    I have a brand new ttr 125. Bought for the wife. She is not into the riding thing. In fact, we are getting a divorce. $2,000 and you pay the shipping. Michael
  7. MichaelAngelo

    camp out and ride may 18th stonyford

    Yes Monty, it would be nice to ride with you guys again too. No jumps on those tight trails. That was a hard lesson.
  8. MichaelAngelo

    WR 400 Street legal in CA. WANTED

    Hey Al in Sacramento...will you PM me the dish as well? Michael
  9. MichaelAngelo

    camp out and ride may 18th stonyford

    Hey Guys, I might try and get out there too. Wife, kid, one tent. Michael
  10. MichaelAngelo

    14/53 gearing (Yamakaze)

    WHat size chain did you have to go to to accomodate the larger sprocket?
  11. MichaelAngelo

    180 main jet (help!)

    I am glad that I asked the question...I have way much more information than I ever bargained for. Thanks again to all who replied. MA
  12. MichaelAngelo

    180 main jet (help!)

    That's very funny Guy. Thanks for the info Bill. MA
  13. MichaelAngelo

    180 main jet (help!)

    Mark, way cool dissertation on the workings of "air/fuel mixture devices". I think I get it. Simplistic again...but...if one were to go up on the main jet (175-180) wouldn't a corresponding change in in pilot jet (say 38-@45-50) do exactly what you are saying in your reply? Still curious, Michael
  14. MichaelAngelo

    180 main jet (help!)

    Thanks Mark...that about covers it. I appreciate your thoughtful reply to my question. I will try and see what going lean does. Michael
  15. MichaelAngelo


    Sorry Boyz, Didn't realize that I was opening a can of worms with this post. I was just curious about going bigger. It sounds rather simplistic, and it is, but I figured more gas to the piston the faster it would go. I have the wr timing, the bike breathes well with the T4 complete exhaust system and lid removed, and I was just wanting an edge over my buddy. I was just concerned about the possibility of squirting too much gas in there and causing valve damage. Seems nobody responded to that concern. Thanks for all the interest though.