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  1. here is my exact camera and thats how much i paid for it. i highly recomend it. it shots in 240fps too
  2. sweet! thanks dude
  3. yea it was cool to meet you too dude
  4. How did u embed the video?
  5. well whipping is for show but scrubbing is not. scrubbing is when you scrub speed off a jump into a corner or when you stay lower than you usually go inorder to get back on the ground faster and back on the power
  6. theres nothing beter than a nice, clean whip
  7. ill get it started. these were from today.... screen shots from a video my friend took
  8. at my friends home track before we got snowed out this is in his back yard. so lucky!
  9. nah lol its all by feel. you whip the bike whith the lower part of your body and your core. your arms have nothing to do with it
  10. that one was of my brother riding my bike when it was looking back at him. but i wana do the same thing when im riding and huck some whips
  11. its a $350 sanyo xacti camera. super good for the price
  12. hahaha s10's and dirtbikes are a perfect match!
  13. murderd out truck, murderd out trailer
  14. sorry for the quality, took by my phone